Safe and Secure: Convert Your PDF files to PDF/A Using PDFBear In No Time


Technology continues to be progressive almost every year to respond to different people’s needs. Hence, what may seem the latest and the greatest of today might become outdated and no longer needed after five to ten years. In line with these changes that happen so rapidly, the proper way of storing your electronic documents will help you keep away from any possible problems in the future.

Converting your electronic files to PDF format will make you easily share them with other devices, upload them online, and attach them to your emails. However, as time goes by, the format or the overall set-up of your PDF tends to change after storing them in your computer file storage or smartphone for a long time.

Hence, you have to convert PDF to PDF/A to preserve its quality even after so many years, and when it comes to PDF file conversion, PDFBear has a special tool for you. Check the full details below about the PDF-to-PDF/A conversion tool that will surely manage the conversion process in no time.

Instantaneous PDF Conversion

When choosing the best online conversion tool, one of the characteristics you need to be looking for is its capability to maximize your time while processing the file task. That’s why PDFBear is the right platform to use, as it will convert PDF to PDFA as quickly as possible. Unlike the other tool providers that you may find on the internet, PDFBear has gained confidence and trust from many users worldwide for years.

The conversion process is pretty straightforward and trouble-free. You only need to go to the PDFBear website and get all your PDFs uploaded on its file converter online. The tool will begin scanning and transforming every single page of your PDF into PDF/A format. When the tool shows that your PDF has been finally converted, the PDF/A is now available for download instantly.

As previously mentioned, the conversion process won’t take much of your time. In fact, you only need to spare a couple of minutes to get it done. You only have to follow the most simplified conversion steps, hit the required buttons, wait for a couple of minutes, and you can get your PDF files converted to PDF/A. Hence, that’s the quickest file conversion process for your PDFs using PDFBear.

Secures Users’ Privacy

Another feature of PDFBear when it comes to converting your PDF to PDF/A is its capability to keep all of your files safe all the time while using the tool. It’s because your PDFs might have valuable data and sensitive information that you don’t want other people to access without you authorizing them.

Because of this, you might have second thoughts about uploading your PDF files on the online file converter of PDFBear. Don’t worry because the developers of PDFBear fully understand your point. Hence, they successfully made this file converter with a smart conversion technology to make your files safe.

After the tool has completely transformed your PDF files into PDF/A format within a couple of seconds, you can now download the converted outputs and save them in your computer file storage or smartphone. Then, PDFBear will automatically delete all of the uploaded files after sixty minutes.

Yes, you heard it right! After one hour, the system will erase all of your records from its server permanently. By doing so, no one can locate your files, retrieve, access, and use them without your knowledge. Hence, when it comes to PDF file conversion, PDFBear is the right platform for you because it’ll surely make your files safe and secure.

Advantage of Accessibility

Besides having a quick PDF conversion process and making your files safe while using the tool, another feature that you need to look for in an online tool is its accessibility. If you search on the internet, you may find tons of options of file converters from other tool providers. However, some of them may require you to use a specific device and operating system before you can start using the tool.

Don’t worry because PDFBear will give you the benefit you’ll truly enjoy by accessing the tool whenever and wherever you are. It doesn’t require you to use a particular electronic device with a specified operating system. As long as you’re using a functional device, like a desktop or laptop, with Windows, Mac, or Linux operating system, you’re good to go.

If you prefer using your tablet or smartphone, which are handy devices, an iPhone or Android will never give you any technical problems in using the tool. In fact, using handy devices will be much better because you can convert your files whenever you’re available and wherever you are, especially during your hectic schedule.

You only need to have at least three things before you can use the file converter of PDFBear:

  1. You have to use a device in good working condition.
  2. You need to connect your device to a strong internet connection.
  3. Your device can access a safe web browser.

If you have these three, you’ll then have access to the PDFBear file converter and process conversion anytime you want.

On top of that, when it comes to a safe web browser, you have many available options. There you can find Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Edge, Firefox, and many other web portals you can find online that most people use today. Hence, when it comes to using the PDFBear platform, you’ll never encounter any accessibility issues.

Moreover, PDFBear won’t also let you experience any navigation problems when you use its official website. The site uses a user-friendly and simple web interface, making you process the conversion with ease and convenience. When you use the tool and visit the site for the first time, you’ll never have any navigation issues. You only have to follow the easy conversion steps by hitting the necessary buttons, and it’s done.


Your PDF files may have valuable information and sensitive data. That’s why keeping them safe is one of your responsibilities as a PDF owner. Hence, even if you want to store your PDF files for long-term safe-keeping, everything will be the same, and the quality retained when you convert PDF to PDF/A.

The things discussed above will surely help you finalize your decision that PDFBear is the right platform for you to give you a perfect file conversion tool. Therefore, if you need this tool in the future, go straight to the PDBear website and use the tool completely free.

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