How to Get Rid Of Viruses On Mac?


Many Mac users still think their devices cannot be infected by viruses, but this is not true. Even such reliable computers can be a target for hackers who create harmful software to get control of Mac devices lately. Of course, there are no reasons to be scared and worried but you must know how to define if the computer has any viruses and malware, and what you have to do if something happens.

Needless to say, any kind of device can be infected by any virus, and it may attack the computer, delete and modify information on it, or a hacker can even get control of the Mac. Usually, a virus may get on your computer when you’re downloading a file from a non-reliable source. In our article, you will read easy and effective tips on how to detect and remove viruses from the device.

How the Mac can Be Infected

There are many ways how a computer can get attacked by viruses:

  • Downloading files. Everyone loves films and music but nobody likes to pay for it, that’s why people are looking for downloading files for free. Please be attentive that free downloads can contain malware inside. That’s why it’s better to open only trusted sites and download files only from reliable sources.
  • Attachments from the emails. Sometimes you can open emails with an attachment and download it with a virus. Check out every email and open attachments only if you are 100% sure doesn’t contain any spam.
  • Unreliable applications. If you download applications from untrusted sources, there are high chances to get a virus. Use the App Store to get applications from there because their reliability is guaranteed.

How to Understand Your Device is Infected

The best way to know it is to scan the Mac via an antivirus program. Remember that even if you have got a notification about the virus, this can be a scam that asks you to click an unknown link and install another non-reliable app.

There are several signs that can tell that your Mac needs your attention:

  • The computer works slower than usually
  • You see some weird files and apps you didn’t install before
  • You see many annoying ads during work on your Mac
  • It’s not possible to change some application settings

How to Remove Viruses

Follow these tips to get rid of viruses on the computer without wasting time:

  1. Install an antivirus program. Use reliable software to find and delete malware and other viruses. Even if you have no experience with such programs, it’s quite easy to scan your computer automatically. You can remove suspicious files and apps without problems.
  2. Delete apps you don’t use. We suggest checking the folder with applications and deleting those you don’t use. The fewer programs you have on your computer, the higher performance it will have. We also suggest using cleanup tools to scan on Mac regularly and remove old and unused apps to boost up the computer.
  3. Check out the extensions of the browser. Just open your browser and find the list of all the extensions. Delete those you never use to speed up your device and keep it free from viruses.
  4. Clean downloads regularly. In your downloads folder, there are plenty of files, and some of them may contain viruses and harmful apps. Move those files you want to keep to other folders and remove other data. Don’t forget to empty the trash after this.

As you can see, it’s easy to keep your device fast and clean to give no chances to viruses to appear. Apart from this, it’s good for your Mac’s performance to clean it up from those files and applications you don’t use anymore.

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