How to Spy on WhatsApp Messages Without Target Phone


This title probably got different questions running through your head. Especially if you’re a parent who’s not so tech-savvy, you might be surprised to know there’s actually a way to monitor your kids’ WhatsApp messages. This does not include sneaking into their room at night, of course.

WhatsApp is a social messaging app that allows its users to send messages, videos, pictures, and other multimedia files to contacts on their phonebook who also use the app. This means to get a message to a WhatsApp user, all you need is their contact digits. This means your kids can be messaged by anyone, including dangerous acts all over the internet. Perhaps you’re suspecting your spouse of infidelity; this solution can also work for you.

This solution involves the use of WhatsApp spy apps. These apps can blend into any phone without the owner knowing and can be used to monitor their social media presence and even actual location. All you need to do is just download these apps on their phone. This article will list out some of the best WhatsApp spy apps you can use in monitoring your target’s WhatsApp messages and other social media accounts:

  1. uMobix

If you need a WhatsApp spy app that offers you all the options, then uMobix is the go-to choice. It is a user-friendly spy app that allows you to monitor your target’s group chats, private conversations, and any other activities they might be using their WhatsApp account for. This way, you can check if they are experiencing cyberbullying, are cheating, or whatever the case may be.

To get the app started, you simply need to choose a plan from their website and register. Then, the next step will be the hardest of all, depending on which type of device you want to monitor. If it is an Android device, you need to get the actual device before you can start tracking the device. In this case, you need to install the app on the device and set it up. However, with iOS devices, all you need is your target’s iCloud credentials, and you can simply log in to their WhatsApp account from your own device.

If you’re worried about your target deleting a message before you can view it, uMobix got you covered! If it’s an iOS device, the messages are stored in your target’s iCloud, and uMobix can easily retrieve them. Android users can simply find the deleted messages in the uMobix userspace. Hence, you can be totally informed about your target’s social media interactions and the type of activities they are up to.

These features also apply to any social media app you want to monitor from your target’s phone. You also get access to recording their phone calls or even intercepting the ones you don’t want them to receive. You also get real-time updates on their location on your uMobix dashboard.

The price for this WhatsApp spy app depends on the type of device you’re monitoring. For Android devices, you have two payment plans: the basic and full tiers. The basic option costs $29.99 per month, while the full option is available in monthly, quarterly, and annual plans. These cost $59.99, $99.99, and $178.99 respectively. However, for iOS devices, the prices are different for the full tier. The monthly plan costs $49.99, the quarterly plan costs $79.99, while the yearly plan costs $149.88. You get the basic tier on iOS at the same price as that of Android devices.

  1. Spyzzz

If you suspect your partner of infidelity, then Spyzz is the best choice for you. Apart from being a WhatsApp spy app, it can offer many options, making it quite easy to catch your spouse in the act. With Spyzzz, you can keep tabs on their WhatsApp messages and shared media. Also, you can monitor their other social media accounts such as Facebook, Tinder, Instagram, and many others.

Apart from social media monitoring, there are so many innovative ways Spyzzz helps you to catch your partner cheating. You get access to their browser history, call logs, text messages, GPS location, renamed contacts, use of dating apps, how long they use their socials, and access to their mails. Just in case you need proof, you also get screenshots of the different messages they receive on their social media accounts, such as WhatsApp.

Spyzzz does more than the regular WhatsApp spy app, though. You can also disable your target device from sending and receiving messages to some contacts, receiving and making selected calls, and visiting some websites. You can even block the entire device from functioning if necessary. You can also use the keylogger feature to get passwords to your spouse’s private accounts.

To register for this all-encompassing spy app, you need to select a subscription plan for their website and process the payment. However, unlike uMobix, you need to install the Spyzzz app on the target device irrespective of it is Android or iOS. Once you’re done installing the app, you can start monitoring the various activities carried out on the device.

Spyzzz also offers two plans: the basic and full options. They charge a monthly fee of $29.99 for the basic plan and $59.99 for the full plan on Android devices. The iOS version costs the same as the basic plan, but the full option costs $49.99 monthly.

  1. Hoverwatch

If you want to monitor numerous devices, Hoverwatch is the WhatsApp spy app to go with. The app can monitor up to 25 devices on their maximum plan. With this number, business owners can easily track the company phones handed out to employees. However, there is a downside to their service. They can only track Android mobile devices, Windows, and Mac operating systems. However, if you do not mind this, then Hoverwatch gives just as much value for your money as you can get anywhere else.

Some of the features they offer (apart from WhatsApp spying) include monitoring Snapchat, internet history, text messages, sim card replacement on the target device. It can also pinpoint the actual location of the tracked device. One unique feature that it offers is tracking any to-do list on the target device. This might give you hints to any suspicious activity your target might be planning to do. They also offer the keylogger feature, which helps to monitor all pressed buttons on the device. However, this is only available for Windows and Mac devices.

After registering and processing payment on their website, you need to install the app on the device you want to track. After installing it, the app disappears, and the device owner can’t detect it, irrespective of how tech-savvy they are.

In terms of payment options, Hoverwatch is the best WhatsApp spy app. They offer the most comprehensive range of plans with the plans broadly divided into three: personal, professional, and business plans. Each plan provides three durations of payments which include monthly, quarterly, and annually. The personal plan allows you to track just one device and costs $24.95 monthly, $59.95 quarterly, and $99.95 yearly. The professional plans can track up to 5 devices and costs $49.95 monthly, $99.95 quarterly, and $199.95 yearly. The business plan can track 25 devices and costs $149.95 monthly, $299.95 quarterly, and $499.95 annually.


If you’re intent on tracking your kids or partner, one efficient way of knowing about their activities is through their WhatsApp texts. The best way you can track their WhatsApp presence is by using WhatsApp spy apps. This article provides a comprehensive review of three of the best WhatsApp spy apps you can purchase.

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