Turmeric: The Golden Spice Of India

The advantages of turmeric were studied by sages many centuries ago in India during the Vedic Ages. It was a common spice used in food items and played a part in religious practices as well. Many foreign traders engaged in routine trade, exporting turmeric from India to various parts of the world because of its lower price, and turmeric grew abundantly in India and other South Asian countries. Even after so many centuries, Turmeric powder price remains very low in India.

Modern society accepts turmeric as a beneficial additive because it has many medicinal advantages due to the presence of a chemical compound called curcumin. Turmeric has many remedial properties that are scientifically-backed, and this article takes a closer look at some of them.

Benefits of Using Turmeric 

  • Fights Depression:

The curcumin present in turmeric powder is widely recognized as an antidepressant. Patients treated with curcumin have an increased level of Brain Series Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF), thereby helping fight depression. Additionally, curcumin treatment helps revert many other psychological changes.

Besides BDNF, curcumin also increases the serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain and helps strengthen or rejuvenate the neural connections, and improves overall brain health.

  • Anti-inflammatory Properties:

Turmeric fights inflammation at a chronic level in patients. The impact level is almost the same as that of many industrial-grade drugs and synthetically produced compounds that fight inflammation. Curcumin controls inflammation at a molecular level.

  • Antioxidant:

Due to an increased affinity for oxygen free radicals, curcumin reduces cardiovascular health deterioration in many patients. This is because free radicals cause damage to the cells of the body. Turmeric properties also reduce the effects of cataracts and glaucoma in older patients to a certain degree.

  • Improves Brain Health:

It also helps in strengthening the cognitive functioning of the brain. Turmeric helps in improving brain function in the long run. This is due to the increased levels of BDNF produced that reduces brain aging. Scientists are conducting studies to implement the use of curcumin in patients with deteriorating mental health.

Patients with Alzheimer’s are also recommended to take in curcumin. This is because of the anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative properties that enable curcumin compounds to reduce protein buildup in the brain.

  • Combat Arthritis:

The anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric help fight inflammation in the joints. Hence, it is used as a medicinal treatment for patients who have arthritis.

  • Helps with many Heart diseases:

Turmeric compounds strengthen the epithelial cells of the heart. This, in turn, helps increase its strength and ability of the heart to withstand higher pressure. Curcumin helps in improving the overall health and lifespan of the heart and cardiac system.

  • Treatment for Cancer

One of the most popular advantages of curcumin is its treatment in patients affected by cancer. Turmeric compounds have certain chemical inhibitors that reduce the growth of new cells. This helps prevent the spread of cancer cells in a patient.

  • Improved Skin Health and Used In Skin Treatment:

Regular turmeric usage in the diet leads to healthier skin. The compound curcumin present in turmeric has certain anti-aging properties that help maintain skin health and rejuvenate it. Externally applying turmeric also helps one attain youthful skin and reduces pimple formation and oil secretion. It also improves one’s complexion; reduces pigmentation and evens out skin tone.

Skin ointments and products derived from turmeric compounds also have positive effects on the skin. Continued turmeric application even gives way to reduced hair-growth, so you can use it to reduce unwanted hair growth.

  • Improved Functioning Of The Liver:

Turmeric compounds have detoxification properties and increase the production of detoxifying enzymes in the liver. Turmeric is used as a detoxifying agent for purifying blood and combating sugar levels in the body.

  • Improved Digestion and Intestinal Functioning:

Regular usage of turmeric in food reduces stomach ulcers and intestinal irritation. Hence, it helps in smoother digestion and improves the working of digestive tracts. Indian cuisine incorporates turmeric a lot because of this very reason. Turmeric balances out the usually spicy recipes and helps out the digestive system.

With so many applications and many more advantages, turmeric usage has found its way into many health and medicinal sectors as an alternative form of treatment. Various drug and food administrations worldwide have deemed the use of turmeric as safe and non-toxic. Turmeric powder price is also very low, which makes it accessible to everyone. It is indeed the golden spice of India, not just because of its color but because of the plethora of benefits it offers.

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