5 Benefits of Online Collaboration


As technology has evolved, so has the working world. Businesses in all industries can now conduct most of their work over the internet, using a variety of digital tools.

Online collaboration can refer to a lot of things. While email has been the de facto means of web-based communication for years, its drawbacks in file sharing and time-efficiency are starting to be more widely recognized. As a result of people seeking more fine-tuned systems, an exciting and competitive market for online collaboration tools has developed.

The advantages of online collaboration tools are significant for those in the creative sector, allowing writers, designers, and marketers to easily and efficiently do business from anywhere in the world with an ever-expanding pool of clients.

Still not convinced? Here are the top five benefits of online collaboration for civil discourse we think businesses should be making the most of.

Real-time communication

While the internet has opened industries up and allowed creative professionals to work with people worldwide, it can also create delays in communication. People have the freedom to ignore emails and stick projects on the backburner, leaving those they’re working with dead time on their hands that could be better spent maximizing their earning potential.

An effective online collaboration system changes this. By utilizing the full extent of new technologies, you can experience the best of both worlds: communicating with your clients on the spot while working from anywhere in the world. Cloud-based technology has been instrumental in this revolution in online collaboration, bringing teams together on a single, centralized server to get the work done faster and more effectively.

Seamless file sharing

When done right, online collaboration makes sharing and distributing files between clients and shareholders completely seamless. Whereas outdated systems like email or even physical proofing risk slowing down completion times and causing technical errors due to file types and sizes, today’s online collaboration systems make use of the Cloud to unlock instant, unlimited file sharing.

This not only alleviates teams, clients, and shareholders of the stress usually faced with system failures, low-resolution files, and printing errors but accelerates projects towards approval. As a result, teams have more time to take on new projects and increase their revenue.

Controlled workflows

Ever been in a design review meeting that has gone on forever because people are veering off on tangents, losing control of the agenda? Or maybe you have been a part of an email thread that seems to lose its train of thought halfway through, leaving ample room for information to get lost in the ether? These are simply more examples of current collaboration systems being time-inefficient and slowing projects down where they should be speeding them up.

In contrast, online collaboration allows you to fine-tune your business procedures, keeping everyone on track and ensuring that every action is directed towards getting the project signed off. Systems may include the option to build custom workflows that streamline the work piece-by-piece through to approval.

Unlimited clientele

The ultimate way of expanding your business is by obtaining new clients. With a more connected world than ever through technology, the ability to tap into new markets and access new business relationships is crucial.

If you’re collaborating online, you get rid of limits on who you’re physically able to communicate with. A client in the USA will not be able to come to a briefing in your London office, after all. By collaborating as much as possible over the internet, you’re able to work exactly as you would with a client-based next door, benefiting from all the same systems and being totally transparent in your process.

Faster approvals

All of these benefits have one common denominator: efficiency. Online collaboration is the simplest way of minimizing dead time in your team’s working day, ensuring that every possible minute is being used to your company’s benefit. By delivering projects faster than your competitors, it has a ripple effect that will be felt by your clients and the shareholders in the projects, allowing them to capitalize on trends, news, and latest developments faster than others in their industry.

Being impressed with your company’s streamlined procedures will only encourage them to work with you in the future. With online collaboration, you, therefore, benefit not only from higher earning potential through the elimination of dead time but from higher rates of repeat business.

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