10 Tips When Creating Your Wedding Photography Contract


As a wedding photographer, you need to safeguard your interest. The best way to do that is by signing a contract with your client as verbal agreements don’t mean anything in court.

A wedding photography contract is a great way to ensure the rights of the clients. It also makes sure that the photographers are protected. If you are a wedding photographer and you ask for a contract, it shows the client that you are a professional photographer.

There are many important little details that you must include in wedding photography. We would list some tips that can help you create a perfect wedding photography contract.

A wedding photography contract must contain the name of the photographer and also the client. It is good practice to include the name of the photographer and the name of both the bride and the groom. The contact details of all the parties involved should also be included.

It is a good idea to also add the name of the wedding venue and the contact details of other vendors in the contract. This would help you to form your own network later and also make the contract look more professional.

  • Include Hours of Work

It can save a wedding photographer a lot of headaches if simply the hours of work are mentioned in the contract. You don’t have to wait for an extra hour if the bride is taking too long if the hours are mentioned specifically.

A photographer should also include the hourly rate if he requires to work extra after an agreed amount of time. Having all this written clearly won’t shock the clients when they would receive the final invoice for the photographer’s service.

  • Include Price

The price for the service of the photographer must be included in the contract. A good idea is to include the list of services and prices written next to them so the client exactly knows what they are paying for. It should also include the number of photographs that would be delivered by the photographer and the timeline for the delivery as well.

  • Include Payment Terms

It is important to add the payment terms so the clients know what should be paid to the photographer and when it is to be paid. The total payment, the payment process, the timeline of payment, and all other details should be included in the contract.

  • Include Deliverables

To make it easy for the photographer, it should be written clearly what the photographer has to deliver to the client. The number of photographs, digital copies of the images, printables, and the time of delivery should be present in the contract.

  • Include Rescheduling Clause For Clients

Many times couples can change or postpone the event date and time. Photographers can include a rescheduling fee to protect their interest. Having all this laid down on paper is very important to avoid problems later.

  • Include Image rights

The ownership of the image and the licensing should be written down clearly in the contract. This helps a couple protect their privacy if they don’t want their wedding photographs to be used as an advertising tool.

Mentioning image rights also paints a clear picture in the mind of a photographer of how much he can use the image commercially or as a portfolio.

  • Include Failure to Comply Policy For Photographers

In case a photographer can’t make it on the wedding day for physical injuries, what would happen? It is a good idea to include if the whole sum would be refunded or if the photographer would provide a substitute photographer on that day. If the clients want the photographer to pay a fine for absence, that should also be included in the contract.

  • Include Damage To Device 

During a wedding, the equipment of the photographer can be damaged. To protect the interest of the photographer make sure to include a clause where this is discussed. It should be mentioned how much of the device cost the clients have to bear, the payment due date, and other details.

  • Include Delivery Time

The time of delivery should be mentioned in the agreement. Every couple would want to have their photographs as early as possible but in reality, wedding photographs take time to be delivered. Having everything written down helps to avoid friction between both parties.

What is The Best Way to Create a Wedding Photography Contract?

Creating a wedding photograph contract from scratch can be a very tiring and long process. It can take some time and effort to craft one. Fortunately, the job can be done easily by using CocoSign.

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CocoSign can be accessed from their official website or by downloading their app available for both Android and iPhone. CocoSign makes the job of creating a professional contract very easy. They have thousands of templates available along with wedding photography contract templates.

You can easily download them for free and make the necessary changes. You can then print out the contract the get it signed by all the parties involved.

Why Should You Use CocoSign?

There are many reasons to use CocoSign to create a wedding photography contract. Some of the most common ones are mentioned below.

Trusted By Millions

CocoSign is used by millions of people for creating professional contracts. All those people can’t be wrong. It is very easy to use and your data is safe in CocoSign which helped them gain the trust of people and also keep the trust.


You can use Cocosign from anywhere in the world by using your smartphone. You can also invite other people to read the agreement, make edits to the agreement, and sign them.

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You won’t have to worry about losing the agreement if you are a CocoSign user. The agreement is kept safely in the app for you which you can access from anywhere in the world.


Wedding photography is a very important part of a wedding ceremony and to make sure all that is done perfectly, a wedding photography contract is essential. You need to make sure to include everything critical in the wedding photography contract. This arduous task can be made easier by using the trusted app CocoSign.

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