The Top Factors That Affect Your Bone Health Today & In The Future


Anyone can experience issues with their bone health from a young age or until they get much older. Many kids have broken legs due to falling out of trees are taking part in contact sports and similarly adults go through the exact same things as well. It’s likely that your medical practitioner has been encouraging you to take care of your bones and to keep them healthy and they have given you many pieces of advice like following the right kind of diet, taking part in certain physical activities, and making changes to your lifestyle.

There is no doubt that we rely heavily on the bones in our body because they are the one thing that is holding us up and helping to protect important organs that lay within our bodies. Therefore it is important that you do what you can to build strong and healthy bones while you are young so that if you ever do need to visit any Victorian Bone & Joint Specialists for essential care, then you will be able to heal a lot quicker than many others. There are a number of things that affect your bone health in a positive and negative way and we will cover just a couple of them here today.

  • Calcium in your diet – There is a reason why your family doctor encourages you to give your children lots of milk when they are young it is high in calcium and calcium is essential if you want your kids to have strong bones and particularly good bone density. With the right kind of calcium in your diet, it will lead to strong bones and decreased chance of fractures.
  • Your ethnicity & family history – Many people are not aware of the fact that if you are occasion or you are of Asian descent then you are a lot more prone to suffering from things like osteoporosis. If there is someone in your family like a parent or brother or sister who suffers from the same thing then there is a higher risk that you will too.

It is important to stay active throughout your life because physical inactivity can lead to issues with bone fractures. You should also try to quit cigarette smoking as this will weaken your bones as well. Alcohol also is a contributing factor for men and women who suffer from bone issues.

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