Video marketing 101: Everything you need to know for an effective strategy


You could read thousands of blogs about the best marketing strategies, and you’ll see that they all point to the same conclusion: video marketing is king these days! So, if you’re after increasing conversions and getting strong ROI, you should learn how to create an effective video marketing strategy.

Here are some stats to prove just how important video marketing is these days:

That being said, if you want to get involved in video marketing, you should do so right now without any hesitation because that’s where more and more attention is heading these days.

Keep reading below to find out why video marketing is so powerful and how your business can benefit from an effective video marketing strategy.

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What’s with all the hype behind video marketing?

If you have never used video marketing before, you may be on the fence on whether your business really needs it or not. After all, you may be wondering, “why is every marketer so in love with creating videos to promote their services and products?”

Well, here’s the deal: video is considered the easiest type of content to consume among Internet users these days.

Think about it: the advancements in technology have shifted the way people gather information and learn new things. Today, since they have some incredibly busy lives, they no longer read dozens of pages to learn new stuff. Instead, they tend to watch and listen to an explanation. So, it comes as no surprise that they prefer videos over written content.

Another reason that makes video marketing so important these days is that this type of content is really engaging. You know what they say,” an image can speak a thousand words.” Well, now think of how many words videos can speak in just a few minutes or even seconds. We live in a fast-paced era, so consumers need to get content that’s both quick to deliver a message and engaging.

What’s more, videos are so shareable. Be honest, when was the last time when you shared a 15 pages long blog with your friends, and when was the last time when you shared a funny video with them? Most likely, you share funny videos a lot more often than you share written content. So, you get why your videos might even get viral if you play your cards right.

How to create great video marketing?

Now you know why video marketing is so praised by marketers these days, but how exactly do you create an effective strategy that will help you get all those benefits. Well, enough small talk, let’s see the exact components of good video marketing.

Create a plan

Yes, we know that this may sound like a really generic tip that you can find in every guide-style article. Yet, it’s a piece of really good advice! Think about it: how can you measure your strategy’s success if you’re not tracking your progress? How can you know if you’ve reached your goals if you were not sure what those goals were in the very first beginning? And, even if it feels like you’ve reached your goals, how can you know why the video content worked? Or, if it didn’t work, do you know why?

Well, to know all these things and keep track of them, you need to have a well-detailed plan.

Decide the type of videos you should create

There are plenty of types of video content you can create for your strategy. How can you know which one to create?

Well, it depends on the type of message you want to deliver to your audience and in what way. For example, if you have a fun product you want to present to your customers, you can make a product description video. If you want to increase brand awareness, you can create a corporate video. If you want to teach your customers how to use a specific product, you can create an explainer video.

The type of video content you use in your strategy should be aligned with your goal and message.

Pay attention to the audio of your videos

Even if many internet users often watch videos with sounds off, it doesn’t mean that you must neglect audio because those who do turn on the volume will judge your videos based on what they hear.

Some experts would even say that audio is even more important than video picture quality. As the experts from Melody Loops explain, “Sound is an element that is often ignored in video production. Yet, it is certainly as important as good quality footage because a lot of information comes from the sound. What’s more, even if you’re just using background music without actually delivering any message using audio, it’s still important for it to have a good quality because it helps with engaging viewers.”

So, make sure that your videos also have great quality audio, whether it is a speech or background music.

Start creating

Now it’s time to get to the fun part: actually creating your video content.

Do you have an in-house team that’s good with filming and editing? If the answer is yes, that’s great. You can start creating video content right away. If the answer is no, you can either hire some new employees with video production skills or outsource these tasks to a professional video production company.

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