Virtual PBX: Getting Started


Can you imagine all the work that involves connecting and managing phone systems and networks? Yes, it sounds like a mountainous task to accomplish. But the decent thing is that you might not have to worry about completing such work any longer, thanks to modern technology. We now have what we call virtual PBX – the better alternative to phone connections and networks. It is way cheaper and easier to manage. We will learn about this technology in today’s article.

Virtual PBX? What Is It?

A virtual PBX or private branch exchange is a phone system service that uses cloud-based software and VoIP or voice over internet protocol to connect multiple networks. VoIP utilizes IP addresses to locate and identify extensions and other networks. So what happens is that you can connect your business to the internet with virtual PBX technology. It will also serve as your phone’s default network for communication purposes. You no longer require traditional landlines and other local hardware to do so.

How Does It Work?

The phone system utilizes IP addresses and other IP communications, allowing users to have phone calls over the internet. This alternative is a lot better than having and managing messy landlines and hardware. Your VoIP provider has a dedicated server that hosts and handles over the internet calls. You can say farewell to traditional on-premise hardware.

Who Should Use Virtual PBX Systems?

The system is ideal for any small to medium-sized business that handles numerous phone lines. A virtual PBX system works best if you are starting with your business. It also works best if you wish to expand it even more. The system is affordable, flexible, easy to install, and offers a range of other perks that you will find beneficial in the long run.

The Benefits

Traditional and virtual PBX systems offer almost the same services, including the following:

  • Call forwarding
  • Voicemail
  • Video conferencing
  • Customer greetings
  • And so on

However, virtual PBX systems have other benefits:

  • Setup ease

You do not need a great deal of time and effort to set up a virtual PBX connection. Since it utilizes cloud-based technology. The system will run faster and way smoother than traditional ones.

  • Less hardware

There is also no need to use dedicated hardware and infrastructure for virtual PBX connections.

  • Budget-friendly

Since you do not need to purchase physical equipment to install and employ virtual PBX systems, you can save on some cash.

  • IT management

A virtual PBX service provider will handle all of the troubleshooting, monitoring, and maintenance of the system. Hiring an independent IT specialist is no longer your concern.

  • Phone flexibility

End users and business owners can use any type of phone to utilize the virtual hosting system. It does not matter if the phone is a traditional phone, IP phone, landline, or softphone, which involves a headset and a computer.

  • Up-to-date

Almost all virtual PBX systems are up-to-date. This advantage is something that tangible hardware systems might have issues with overall.

  • Forwarding

Forwarding calls is way more convenient with a virtual PBX system. All the receiver needs is an internet connection plus a phone and a headset.

Getting Started

You may head online to find out how you can start with a virtual PBX system for your private or commercial needs. There exist thousands of companies and dedicated platforms that cater to such services. If you want to have a look, VirtualPBX is one of the ideal sites to go and visit. The site offers toll-free numbers, custom call forwarding, conferencing, and digitized account management capabilities for businesses of any size. You can check it out today, and it will not cost you anything at all.

Other Things To Consider

You can now start with setting up a virtual PBX system. So here are some other things to take note of as you work your way with such technology:

  • Most PBX systems can manage 3 to 25 phone extensions
  • You may have a company customize greetings and other call settings
  • You can also have the system record calls for training purposes and quality checking
  • A virtual PBX system also allows you to create scheduled activation for holidays and regular days


Having a virtual PBX communications system is highly beneficial for your business, regardless if it is starting or expanding. You can install the technology on your own, or you can find companies and entities that offer PBX systems services. Start your updated phone networking and connectivity right away!

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