The Top Ways To Get Your Kids To Eat Protein Without Eating Meat In Australia


As a responsible parent here in Australia, it is your job to make sure that your kids get everything that they need so that they can grow up to be big and strong. Children are very fickle in their younger years and so they may turn their nose up at any meat that you put down in front of them. It can be frustrating as a parent because you know that this is the best way to get them the nutrients and vitamins that they need in one meal. However, kids will be kids and so you need to do some out-of-the-box thinking in order to be able to get them the essential protein that they need but without putting meat in front of them.

One of the first things that you might want to consider is using vegan protein powder in Australia because this provides them with all of the nutrients that they need to be strong and it is perfect for adults as well. Protein powder can help to fill the gaps in your child’s diet and especially so for children who refuse to eat meat at any time. The following are some other meat-free protein options that you might want to consider for your kid.

  • Give eggs & more eggs – Eggs are so full of good nutrition and you prefer them in many different ways for your children. You can hard boil them and let them eat them as finger food or you can scramble, fry, poached and even add a little bit of sweetener in there to make the deal better for them and to help them study better. Eggs can be an incredible amount of fun to prepare and you can even include your child in the process.
  • Give them some nutty treats – Hopefully your kid doesn’t have enough allergy because nuts come in many different varieties and they are the perfect snack for most children. They contain excellent protein and the good fats that are good for their diet and they can be added to any breakfast to provide your children with their daily protein boost.
  • Provide them with dairy products – Kids love to drink milk in Australia as well as consume yoghurt and cheese. Not only are these excellent sources of protein but they also contain calcium to strengthen their young bones. You can encourage them to eat yoghurt in the morning for breakfast and even as a tasty snack throughout the day.
  • There is always seafood – It can be difficult getting some children to eat fish but if you take the time to prepare it properly then they will love it. You can put it in breadcrumbs, you can bake at any of them, fry it and put it into pies and pastries the kids love.

These are only four additional options that you can use to make sure that your children get their protein every single day. If you can encourage them to try some tofu, then you are providing them with the perfect protein.

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