What Are The Advantages of This NEMT Routing Software?


RouteGenie is a modern software built to optimize the operations of NEMT providers. The purpose of the same solution is to reduce general costs, while also increasing productivity in the company. If you want to learn more about it, here’s everything you should know!

Safety for Drivers and Fleet

The drivers spend a lot of time on the road, because their routes are not always optimized correctly. Besides, there might be accidents or other elements that will slow down the vehicle. To prevent that from happening, an NEMT routing software put emphasis on speed and safety. Based on a clear analysis, the route created ensures better results.

Communication with passengers is also intuitive and drivers will feel more confident in what they are doing. Customers will do phone calls or send messages and all of this takes place in real time. WIth the same software, the services are going to be professionals and there won’t be as many delays as before.

Monitoring services

If there’s any deviation from the suggested route, you will see this directly. The entire trip is monitored and you’ll get instantly updates. Do you want to know where the vehicle is or if there will be any issue? The software will alert if the pick-up will not be at a particular time and will show an estimate of arrival. Knowing this, the vehicle might be replaced with another one that’s closer. Without this monitoring, it wouldn’t be possible.

Automated Billing

Collecting payments for rides can be time-consuming and will result in many errors if it isn’t done right. In other words, the manual transactions must be replaced with automated software. Digital billing takes the pressure off drivers and prevents mistakes, creating a payment history as well. The money goes straight to the account and the paydays are organized efficiently.

Advanced GPS Technology

Slow routes can be created if a phone application is not updated. However, with NEMT software, drivers avoid such events. They will just follow the right instructions, since the GPS is advanced and was designed to create the quickest journey, to use fleet at maximum efficiency while building routes.

The tracking function also monitors the traffic and finds accidents, poor road conditions, jams and more. Adjustments can be done real-time.

Dispatcher’s well-being

NEMT dispatchers are going to use specific formulas implemented directly within the software before making any decision. Integrations are also available with Google Maps and other software. The company will follow a good schedule and it will be able to manage a large volume of patients. For these reasons, the investment is worth it in the long term.


RouteGenie has both drivers and customers apps. The first one is accessed by the employees and connected to the vehicle’s Bluetooth system. While using it, the screen will show daily trips, schedules and adjustments that must be done throughout the day.

The communication with the dispatcher and passenger is also provided with a specific messenger and calling option. This helps dealing with future issues. The passengers are also announced about their ride and the new technology provides a high level of transparency.

Why should you choose NEMT software in your business?

The NEMT industry continues to grow each year. According to research, by 2026 healthcare transportation services will be worth 31 billion dollars. Consequently, your business must be prepared to handle a bigger demand.

When you use NEMT software, all the management becomes easier and you’re able to automate most tasks. Patients will be able to do reservations and they’ll receive all the details needed. Drivers get maps and routes with traffic data in real-time. So, they will be able to find people in the pickup spot and will lead them to the location in time.

Finally, billing and reports are done correctly. You don’t have to worry about collecting cash or similar issues. Software solutions like RouteGenie are built to increase productivity and can play a major role in customers satisfaction. If you want to provide superior services in your niche, make sure you check out the demo and you’ll see how you can take your business to the next level.

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