What should be the next step after a diploma in psychology?


Psychology is one of the most commonly studied undergraduate specializations across the world and has a wide range of applications in practically every domain. Qualified psychologists can find meaningful and well-paid work in domains like healthcare, people management, business administration, and even marketing.

The easiest way to start your career in psychology would be to pursue a well-recognized diploma or bachelor’s degree in the subject. There are scores of psychology courses offered by reputed universities across the world including in Ireland.

It is however important to have a premature idea of the career prospects of a psychology program before investing time and money in the course. This blog delves into the logical career paths you can choose as a psychologist.

What are the career prospects of a degree in psychology?

Here are a few intriguing career paths that would be available to you as a psychology graduate.

  1. Outpatient care center psychologist: Many psychologists prefer to work with patients in clinical settings like hospitals and nursing homes. Their job responsibilities include screening their patients for depression or other mental issues and completing psychiatric evaluations. They also help their clients address their emotional and mental issues through therapy and counseling.
  2. Industrial psychologist: Industrial or organizational psychologists use their domain expertise to understand human behaviour in different workplaces. They try to analyze what factors can trigger employees and what kind of conditions would improve their efficiency and productivity. They are also called upon to suggest best practices for improving general employee engagement within the organisation.
  3. Forensic psychologist: Forensic psychologists can mostly be found in the criminal justice world working alongside detectives, attorneys and witnesses. Many forensic psychologists become criminal profilers who are called in to understand the behaviour and mentality of different criminals or victims. Forensic psychologists are often called in court to testify as witnesses and help the families of the victims to deal with their losses or move forward.
  4. Military psychologist: Military psychologists work with war veterans or serving soldiers to address their mental and psychosomatic issues. They provide different psychological and psychiatric therapy to people in the service or their families. Most military psychologists have themselves served in the military and understand the state of mind of veterans or existing soldiers.

Other fascinating career paths in this domain include psychotherapists, school counsellors, child therapists and social workers.

If you want to venture out of the typical psychology career roles in the healthcare domain, you can look for plenty of other roles in the corporate world. Psychology graduates make for excellent candidates in fields such as consumer research, human resource management and media and communication.

A comprehensive psychology diploma can provide you with all the relevant industry skills and expertise required for a successful psychology practice. It can also provide you with many transferable skills like empathy and communication skills which can be useful in any career path that you choose.

Look for appropriate psychology diplomas from accredited and reputed universities today to become a successful psychologist in the future.

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