Why is it important to find the best timeshare lawyers?


If you have bought a timeshare property, you know that walking away from it is pretty challenging. It’s common for people to sign up for a timeshare and realize they need more time or money to use it. Or maybe they’re frustrated with how often the resort is closed due to weather or maintenance issues.

Whatever your reason is for wanting out of your timeshare agreement, there are ways to cancel it, for example, by hiring the best timeshare lawyers. Time-share lawyers understand the complexities involved in such cases and will conduct negotiations on your behalf.
Your lawyer will either reach a mediation agreement or pursue litigation if necessary. The best way to find an experienced lawyer is through a timeshare consulting firm that works with the best lawyers specializing in time-share exit.
However, if you aren’t convinced about the importance of hiring an attorney, you will be after reading this article.

How does the process work?

Gathering the paperwork

The first step is gathering all your paperwork, which your attorney will help you with. The documents include a copy of the timeshare contract (if you have it), vacation club membership information, and any letter or email stating the situation and how much they are willing to pay.
They will also gather other supporting documentation that shows why you shouldn’t be obligated to pay for the remainder of your time in the timeshare.

Filing a suit against the resort

If all goes well during this phase (and 99%+ do), they’ll file suit against the resort within 10-14 days. The process generally takes another 3-4 months from start to finish before getting a decision from a judge regarding whether or not he has jurisdiction over their case.
If the judge rules favorably, then the next step is going into the court itself, where an agreement will happen between both parties on who gets what after deducting legal costs owed by either party involved with this process.

How can an attorney help you?

Help you get rid of your timeshares

A timeshare cancellation attorney can help you get rid of your timeshares. If you own a timeshare, and it’s costing you money each month, or have gone into foreclosure because of the cost, it may be time to rid yourself of this burden.

A lawyer will work with the resort developer to return your down payment and cancel any future payments due on your unit. They’ll also file any necessary paperwork with the courts so that you’re no longer responsible for paying off or maintaining that property.

Finding a good reason to exit your contract

You must have a convincing reason to get out of your timeshare contract, and a timeshare cancellation attorney can help you find one. A good reason is something that’s not in your control.
If the complex goes bankrupt or has terrible reviews, those aren’t reasons anyone would give up their timeshare due to these factors alone. However, if your health is failing or you have a job opportunity elsewhere, these are legitimate reasons to terminate the contract early.

The time-share company won’t let you cancel

If the company prevents you from canceling, you should consult an attorney. The reason is that sometimes timeshare companies will allow people to cancel their contracts if they pay the entire remaining amount of their contract.

However, if the terms of your contract have been broken or changed by the timeshare company or individual owner, they may only let you out after paying back all of what is owed under the contract.

The best timeshare lawyers can help you navigate the process of canceling your timeshare contract. They will assist you in finding a good reason for exiting the agreement and helping you sue if necessary.

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