Writing Anxiety – How To Cope With It


“But words came halting forth, wanting invention’s stay

Invention, Nature’s child, fled stepdame Study’s blows:

And others’ feet still but strangers in my way.”

-Sir Philip Sidney, Loving In Truth

It’s the crudest truth on earth that everyone is gifted with flow and expression. Even the great poet Philp Sidney faced the same problem while expressing his heart out to seek the love of her dear Penelope. Imagine how helpless he felt when he realized that words “came halting forth.” Yes, not every one of us has the gift of expressing ourselves in black and white.

Some students in schools, colleges, and universities find themselves with great difficulty writing essays and assignments. They heave sighs and procreate and end up writing a bad or average essay at the eleventh hour. Whenever they sit to write, they can not make out what to write. Soon it turns into writing anxiety.

Do you face the same problem? You don’t have to look for inspiration to write. We come up with certain techniques and ways to overcome your writing anxiety and complete your essays and assignments on time. So without ado, let’s begin.

Ways To Cope With Anxiety Writing

Writing anxiety is not for many students, and they find out their ways to overcome it. Communication or expressing oneself in writing is a must-need in schools, colleges, and Universities.

The universities design extensive writing assignments so that it cultivates a positive thought process within oneself. But balancing between the modules and the writing assignments is indeed a problem. If you find it extremely difficult, you can take the assistance of quality essay writing services like Fresh Essays.

They give you essays of high quality, and you do not have to really worry about submission and grades. Read their essays, and you can learn a lot, which can help you cut the congestion of words from your hands. Here are some points through which you can beat writing anxiety.

1. Write Something 

First and foremost, things to make a start. Try to write something, whatever it might be. Invest a particular time for writing every day. This can help you shed your fear of writing. After you do it for a while, start taking help from an expert to learn about the mistakes you are making as you write. That’s how you can benefit from your practice.

2. Break The Project 

Break the entire essay or assignment into smaller sections. Bring in the clarity and continuity in it. This way, you can manage it entirely. This way, you can shed the load of your essay or assignment and not wait for the eleventh hour to finish it. Plus, you can also manage your time to study the modules.

3. Identify Your Strengths And Weakness 

The best thing that you need is to identify your strengths and weaknesses. This way, you can not only improve upon your writing but also develop your thoughts.

Remember, quality writing is the end product of powerful thought. So writing can not only increase your skills but also help you understand and train your brain.

Revise your writing as many times as you can, and then you can find out your flaws in it. Show it to your friends and teachers for further advice.

4. Deal With The Other Problems You Have

Writing is hand and brain coordination. So you must focus on the working of your brain. Look at things like dehydration, stress, hunger, and lack of sleep. Fix them. They engage your brain with other thoughts and affect your writing.

If your focus needs to be better intact, you are sure to catch all of them. Therefore, you need to focus on all of these and ensure that you deal with all the problems mentioned above in your life. Fix them, and then you can automatically do well in your writing.

5. Meditation

Some poets rightly opined that poetry is an overflow of powerful emotions recollected in tranquility. This can (to some extent) be related to writing in general. Mark the word “tranquility.” It denotes complete peace. If so, you can produce quality thoughts in a peaceful situation.

Meditation is the medicine of the wavering heart. It can calm your senses. Anxiety gets the upper hand on people who are not calm and composed and always struggle to calm their minds. They simply can’t focus on anything. Meditation can help you fight your writing disorder and fill you with positive energy. This is all that you need to write well.

6. Exercise

The best thing about exercise is that it helps you get rid of your adrenalin, which makes your heart beat faster. If you engage yourself in regular exercise, then it can help you control your emotions and senses.

Remember, exercise releases “happy hormones.” from the body, and you can fight out your stress and anxiety. It can have a positive reflection on your mind. Therefore focus on physical activity for at least 30 minutes four days a week. You will be relaxed, and it can positively impact your writing. Therefore work on it on a daily basis.

7. CBT Methods

CBT, or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, is a widely accepted treatment to fight negativity in life. Even people with writing disorders can benefit from it. CBT treats many disorders, including insomnia, addiction, anxiety, depression, and phobia.

The treatment is not about growing positive thinking but fighting out the negative thoughts in your mind. It helps you think rationally, which is one prerequisite to writing well. Here you divide your projects into smaller and more manageable steps. It can help you cope with your stress, and that, in turn, helps you unblock the expressions in writing.

Understand Everyone Has Some Obstacles In Life!!

Please try to understand that you are not alone on this planet facing the wrath and anger of god. Millions of people have their own issues. But you know that human beings have the ingrained power to fight the odds in life and emerge victorious.

You can also follow the ways discussed above and fight writing disorder. You will be benefited in the long term, that’s for sure. We believe you can win the fear of writing.

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