12 Writing Hacks You Need to Become a Great Writer


The start of every career path is not as tremendous as we would like. If you’re going to become a great writer, you have to meet various challenges and not give up. The ironic part is that the biggest challenge on this path is yourself. A great writer is one who demonstrates their unique personality today. Reality dictates our rules to be not just good at creating settings or characters’ descriptions but also at social media marketing posts.
Writing is not only a hobby but an instrument of professional achievements. Catch our 12 writing tips that will help you become a successful and demanded writer of your time. 

  1. Make writing a habit

Create a daily resolution that never tires you. If you want to be a great essay writer, or an author of other types of content, there is no better way to level up your skills than practice. Sometimes beginner writers simply lack the inspiration to start their literary compositions. 
The best recommendation is to set a simple goal: write every morning about anything. It can be dreams, gratitude, a situation overview, or a person’s description. Set a habit tracker by selecting from such popular apps as Productive, HabitHub, or Time cap. Writing consistently is a crucial habit for becoming a great writer because your current thoughts on your paper can be inspirational for future bestsellers. 

  1. Develop your imagination

Set writing as a daily tool to work on your imagination. If you don’t know how to implement characters in a scene, think about rewriting it from a different viewpoint. For example, set a subject and write a dialogue between a customer and shop assistant. Add circumstances such as the light unexpectedly turning off or an earthquake that leads your scene to new adventures. 
If you need to develop your writing not for fictional storytelling but for an academic paper, visit one of the most reliable blogs. Imagination is an essential part not only in creative writing but also in scholarly research.

  1. Read more

Reading is an inspiring process, and it is also a great chance for self-development. Combine reading and writing by analyzing each chapter, character, or book in general. Spend time reading efficiently by writing down beloved sayings or quotes you can use in future essay topics. 
When writers dedicate time to reading fiction and non-fiction, they expand their knowledge in various areas. Authors who read can provide more meaning for their writings by using synonyms of common words. This tip helps to enrich their narratives.

  1. Edit others’ texts

Try not only reading but improving others’ works as well. Ask your peers to share with you their essays so you can see the common mistakes. Also, it will help you to avoid inaccuracies in your texts. 
Editing is an essential step when writing. Consider it while setting a deadline for the assignment or article. Experienced writers recommend having at least two drafts. When you process others’ texts with a fresh perspective, you will easily notice it in your own drafts. Making your own corrections is a vital part of a successful career as a writer. 

  1. Paraphrase

Many writers give up because they think that all the best literary compositions are already made. A young writer can review everything and find a new perspective, even for popular things. Develop skills in paraphrasing, and you’ll be amazed at how different your sentence can be from an authentic source. 
For this purpose, every writer can participate in Writer Challenges and tell a proposed topic in their own words. Paraphrasing is a unique tool for an author to find a personal style and listen to their inner voice. 

  1. Stick to a plan

This concerns both time-management and the structure of your text. First, consider the volume of your writing and connect it with the date you can finish it. Second, determine the general outline and count how many days, weeks, or months you need to complete materials for your book. 
Planning is an important stage of the writing process to prove that you’re responsible. It helps you manage your time and financial resources to edit your book or promote an article to boost your audience. 

  1. Note immediately

If you have a fresh idea, try to write it down the moment you get it. When a thought comes to mind, we are likely to forget it within five minutes. Remember this rule to keep your creativity growing. This impacts any sphere of life, including writing. 
You never know when inspiration takes you by surprise. Therefore, use your smartphone’s inbuilt digital notebook or add an app such as DAILY NOTE and see how far your writing can go.

  1. Avoid overloading words and sentences

An unnecessary expression can ruin the main idea of your sentence. Consequently, it is good for newbie writers to reduce their sentence length. If writing for you is not just a tool for self-expression but also a profitable source of income, you need to consider this rule to maintain the reader’s curiosity. 

  1. Consider using active voice more often 

When authors write their texts in active voice, it feels more energetic for readers. Definitely, if you want to strongly impact your audience, you can show your reader what or who creates the action.  

  1. Research on Google

And everywhere! At least, you can use this search engine to find more references to encourage you. Many scientists research information for their works using different methods. Writers can use books, videos, statistical documents, interviews, and other sources to implement in their text concerning the topic and genre. 

  1. Read your text out loud

If you have lots of dialogue, read it out loud. It helps you to concentrate on the realism of your characters’ expressions. Reading settings, descriptions, situations, and characters’ feelings aloud can lead you to a better understanding of your text. Record and listen to yourself carefully, looking for parts that need improvement.  

  1. Stay unique 

Every writer has something to say. This world needs your unique voice, so don’t hold back. There are lots of popular topics to explore: ecological crises, gender equality, time-management, productivity, healthy living, and many more. 
If you have a technical background, you can base your first work on the knowledge that is in your hands. Also, check your text for plagiarism with tools like SmallSEOTools, Plagiarism Detector, or DupliChecker
Mostly, inexperienced writers have an uncertain perception of what makes a great writer. Some of us think that a writer is someone who comes up with something non-existent, and others think that writers are only long-term professionals in a narrow field. Actually, a writer is a person who never stops their development in their studies and gets knowledge from the best masters. 
Every one of us is in the process of learning, so the real author is the one who doesn’t interrupt the chain of study and growth. These 12 writing recommendations are not the end of improving your incredible style. Let them be the starting points to your writing achievements! 
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