Wrongfully Accused In A Drugs Case? Know How To Prepare Yourself!


Drug offence is a criminal act in Sydney. According to the survey done in 2019 by National Drug Strategy Household, 16.4% of Australians had used illegal drugs, and 15.4% of South Australians have been caught in the act.

A drug offence charge can mark you as a criminal. If you have been falsely charged in a drug case, a Sydney drug lawyer can help you avoid any charges made by the police. A criminal lawyer will be the one who would defend you in case of a drug offence.

Moreover, anyone residing in Sydney should also know what documentation they need before reaching out to a lawyer.

What Documentation Should You Produce Before A Drug Lawyer?

Whenever you go to meet a lawyer for the first time, you should always make sure that you carry these documents:

  • Ensure you carry your identification cards: a driver’s licence, an identity card from work, etc.
  • You should also carry the document, which might be unnecessary to you but can be helpful to the lawyer who would defend you.
  • Carry copies of all the documents and carry the original ones when you meet a lawyer.
  • Organise all the documents according to the chronology, and also attach the police report of the arrest.
  • Think about the evidence you can show the lawyer: an image, a video, CCTV footage, a witness, any medical report, etc.
  • Also, take a supporter or a family member with you. And don’t hesitate to ask any questions to your lawyer.
  • Be clear in your mind about what you are going to tell your lawyer; also, don’t hide anything from them.
  • Be truthful about an event and do not miss anything or avoid any detail; tell your lawyer all the relevant things.

These are a list of things that you need to bring when you meet a criminal lawyer. When you have all the details and documents in place, you don’t have to worry about anything.

What Are The Penalties For A Drug Offence In Sydney?

There are different punishments for different kinds of drug offences in Australia, which can severely affect your life if you don’t find help. The most common reasons for being convicted of a drug offence are possession, use, and supply of drugs. These charges can lead you to jail for 2 to 15 years or even life imprisonment and a penalty above $2000.

It can also mark you as a criminal; to avoid that, you would need a drug lawyer to defend you. Usually, there are many reasons people carry drugs; it can be a prescribed one, you could have been unjustly accused of drugs, or you would be unaware of the drugs around you or with you. So the reasons can be many, but the consequences can affect your whole life.

Bottom Line

A drug offence can ruin a person’s life badly, and the penalties imposed on the guilty will surely affect the reputation of a person and the family. You don’t have to worry if you are charged with a drug offence and know you are not guilty.

Hire a lawyer who will handle everything for you. An experienced Sydney drug lawyer will help you find all the evidence. Be honest and ask any questions that might come up in your mind; you can also write them on a sheet of paper before meeting a lawyer.

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