6 Reasons Why PDF is Better than Other File Formats


PDF Files are one of the widely used file formats in the world today. You can use PDF in the real estate industry, medical, and legal industries, as well as in schools and colleges, at home, or even in small businesses. It rose to popularity back when it was released as an open standard by Adobe in 2008, which led to the file format’s worldwide acquisition.

The PDF file format has some incredibly useful advantages over other file formats like PowerPoint and Word documents. Here are some reasons why it is more advantageous to use PDF than any other file format.

Easy to Create with PDFBear 

PDF files are easy to create, especially with PDFBear. It is a cloud-based converter that you can use to convert, organize, secure, and edit your PDF files. You can also convert PDF to Word using PDFBear if you need to edit your PDF files.

Universally Compatible

When PDF file format became widely used in 2008, it has been supported extensively by numerous kinds of apps. The majority of modern-day web browsers are able to open and access PDF files. Even various operating systems have basic built-in apps that can seamlessly read your PDF files. There are also numerous PDF readers out there that you can use to access your PDF files. This file format is the most flexible file format out there. 


It is easy to safeguard your PDF file with the help of a password. The contents of your PDF file will be safe from anyone who is unauthorized to see it. If you know how to password protect your PDF file, you are guaranteed that your files are safe and secure whenever you transfer or share files through emails or other messaging apps.

It is just one of the reasons why PDF is better than Word or PowerPoint files. So, what are you even waiting for? Why not convert your Word or PPT to PDF right away, and make sure that your files are secure?


Another reason why PDF is better than most file formats is because of its reliability. When you make a PDF File that contains images, tablets, paragraphs, vector graphics, and more, it will always show that data the same way regardless of what device you are viewing it from. It makes PDF files the ideal file format whenever you want to export documents you want other people to see. 

The information on the file will be conveyed the same way that you intended it to be conveyed. PDF files work perfectly on all types of operating systems as this type of file format is easy to share and access. The majority of the devices we own have built-in apps to open PDF files.


Portable Document File. From the name itself, you are already assured that this type of file is portable. It means that you can transfer files from one computer to another without having to think about dependencies. How many times have you opened a Word document and see a warning that some fonts are missing in your document? Or a PowerPoint presentation that has missing pictures or images?

With PDF, you don’t have to worry about any of these. When you decide to create a PDF file, you can easily share your file with anyone, and everything on the file, such as the images, fonts, formatting, and tables, will be transferred with it.


Not only are PDF files the things we mentioned above, but they also possess a professional appeal. If you have ever submitted a report for the company or obtained legal agreement papers, there is a high chance that these files are in PDF format. It is due to the reasons we have mentioned above. It is easy to use PDF files as they are very versatile, feature-rich, and universal file formats being used today.

Let PDFBear Handle Your Files  

What are you even waiting for? Open those online converter tools and start converting your files to PDF. We think that these reasons are more than enough for you to be convinced that PDF files are much better than any other file format out there. If you are looking for a reliable PDF tool, PDFBear is the best choice. It is free, easy to navigate, and efficient to use.

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