How to Add Double Space in Word Document

If you want to Add Double Space in Word then there are different techniques for different Microsoft Word Versions. In this article, we are going to show a step-by-step guide so that you can easily set up the Double space in a word document.

A double space is a commonly used format in Microsoft word. Double-space adds 3 links or 1-inch space in a Word document making it easy for the person to add proper paragraphs and have a clean and readable Word Document. There are a lot of options you can play with like double space a paragraph in Word or double spacing Text in Word or you can also add double spacing to the entire word document.

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Microsoft office is a popular and worldwide used Software to format Text documents, Spreadsheets, Create presentations, Manage Emails using Outlook, etc and is one of the best alternatives to Google Docs. People use it often for any text document related formatting and a lot of businesses rely on it for their presentations and meetings. But sometimes Microsoft Word becomes hectic and confusing to use as they have a lot of different set of options and learning each option take time, but don’t worry for an easy and quick solution for adding Double Space in Word is what you need.

How to Double Space in Word Document

Step 1: Open a Word Document on your computer

Open a new Word document or any existing Document which has text in it.

sample microsoft word document

Step 2: Select the paragraph or text you want to double space

Once on the Microsoft Word, Select the Text or Paragraph you want to Add Double Spacing too.

Step 3: selects “Line and Paragraph” spacing.

from the Formatting menu selects “Line and Paragraph” spacing. You can find that option on the main menu tab as shown in the below image.

Line and Paragraph spacing microsoft word

Step 4: Select the desired option from the menu.

once you click on “lines and spacing” option from the menu in Word you will see a drop-down list with multiple line space options to choose from. Select the fourth option which says “2.0” to Add double spacing in Word file.

Step 5: Check for the applied changes.

Once done, Please check if the line spacing you needed in your document is as required. if not, Then click on “line and spacing” again and choose another line spacing option.

how to do double spacing in word

The steps for adding double space in Microsoft office 2007-2010 are similar to that of the newer version. The User interface and the option name might differ but the process is the same.

Open a Word Document on your computer

Open an existing word document or create a new document and add some text to it. once done, go to the menu and click on “Design” Tab

add double space to entire word document

Select “Paragraph Spacing” option

Once you are on the design tab search for the Paragraph Spacing option and click on it.

paragraph spacing in word design tab

Select on “Double” option from the list

Once you click on the “Paragraph Spacing” option, click on double to add double space in Word Document.

select double to add double space in Microsoft Word

Final Words

That’s it, Now you can easily add double space in Word to your Paragraphs, texts and as well as to the entire document. Even if you have any issue after reading this article then please let us know by commenting below.

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