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If you like classic fruit-themed slots, be sure to check out 7s deluxe demo slot online. This is a development by the Reel Time Gaming company, which has appeared in the market relatively recently.

This slot is a real classic but with amazing graphics. There are 3 reels on which the icons of various fruits appear. It was on these slots that many gamblers started their passion for gambling. The developer understands this very well, so it kept all the peculiarities. For example, these are special sounds of bells, if a winning combination appears.

The main feature of the presented game is the special function 7s. Thanks to it, the game got its name. It assumes that there is a special flame in the game. Thanks to this, according to the developers, the fruits become “hotter”.

You cannot pass by the cool graphic design of the slot. For example, look at the glowing symbol that will allow you to count on a particularly generous reward. It looks very stylish, so you will definitely not stay indifferent.

About 7s deluxe slot

To begin with, Reel Time Gaming offers its users more than just a nostalgic slot. In many such games, gamblers have to deal with the fact that developers don’t offer anything new. This game offers not only cool graphics but also a very good RTP level. This indicator reaches 96.14%. In practice, this means that it is quite possible to win. And one of the secrets of a successful game is an ability to properly distribute your assets.

Here users set the cost of one spin themselves. It is also possible to use the automatic spin function. This means that the system will do everything for the player. You can go about your business at the same time. Automatic spins don’t affect your chances of hitting a big jackpot in any way.

There are only 5 pay lines in this game. Many classic symbols are also used here. Since the fruit icons are clear to everyone, it is extremely easy to play. If in doubt, check out the 7s deluxe slot demo game. This format of the game is available in dozens of virtual casinos. Its main advantage is that you will be able to make spins and won’t risk your own funds. This will provide you with valuable experience. Based on this, it will be much easier to make a decision whether this slot suits you.

Talking about the symbols that can be seen on the reels, they include:

  • flaming icon 77 — if you get 3 of them, the size of the initial bet is increased by 250 times;
  • simple icon 77 — x100;
  • bell and star — x40;
  • watermelon — x20;
  • bar — x20;
  • plum, orange, lemon, cherry — x8

Feel free to spin the reels and don’t forget that the secret of a successful game is the correct distribution of your assets. Thanks to simple and understandable symbols, it will be possible to quickly adapt to all the features of the slot.

The classic game can be especially recommended to those users who are just starting their paths in the world of virtual entertainment. They will definitely be able to quickly integrate into this market and understand that spins can be not only entertainment but also a good source of profit.

Why 7s deluxe slot is a very popular online slot?

The popularity of this slot is easy to explain. Among the main factors of its success, we will single out the following:

  1. Simple and popular theme. Therefore, almost all users who have just started to be interested in gambling choose this slot.
  2. High quality graphics. All symbols and details are drawn very clearly. Thanks to this, you will easily understand the intricacies of the gameplay. Try playing a demo 7s deluxe game on this slot. After that, there will definitely be no questions left.
  3. Bonus options. First of all, this is the flaming symbol 77.

Each spin brings a chance to hit a big jackpot. The game primarily attracts with its simplicity. It’s fun and easy to understand, so it’s easy to take your first steps in the world of gambling with this development by Reel Time Gaming.

Another advantage of the slot is a fairly good RTP level. There are many other classic machines in the market, but their indicator is always too low. Here it exceeds 96%. Yes, not every spin is profitable, but in the long run it is quite possible to get a profit. The main thing is the ability to properly distribute your assets. If you initially have a good bankroll, then you will be able to increase it in the future.

It can be said that the slot doesn’t have a progressive jackpot. However, it is difficult to call this an unambiguous failure. First of all, most of the top games now lack such a reward. Secondly, even without the progressive jackpot, you can expect to receive a really decent promotion. In the best case, it will be 125 times the size of your initial bet.

Users will also be pleased with the classic audio effects. So, when a winning combination appears, a special melody will be played. This makes the gameplay more fun and engaging.

If some things remain unclear, be sure to try a demo game in 7s deluxe slot. It can be found in many companies in the market. You will gain valuable experience, based on which it will be much easier to decide whether to consider this game as one of the sources of your income.

In general, if you are interested in classic slot machines with good chances of winning, choosing the presented game will hardly disappoint you.


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