7 Highly Anticipated Gadgets of 2021


Technology is awesome. It is due to the advancements in tech that so many cool gadgets exist. People are always pushing the boundaries to bring something new and cool every now and then. This is why sometimes, some of the coolest tech gadgets can stop you right in your tracks. They will demand attention from you. And at times, it will make you want to get them no matter what the price tag. After all, the best gizmos will be really useful that will make your life a lot easier. So, the investment will be totally worth it.

I am a big techie myself. And I usually don’t think twice when it comes to buying a gadget that I really like. So, it isn’t a surprise that I bought the Sony SRS-RA5000 360 Reality Audio Speaker the moment I saw its ad on my Optimum TV. It’s a great device that gives me value for every dollar that I spent on it.

10 Best Gadgets of 2021 

2021 has been a pretty exciting year so far. A lot of interesting developments have taken place in the tech world that surely makes one excited about the future. There are also many fascinating gadgets that came out. Let’s take a look at a few of them and who knows, you might even find the perfect one in this list that can make things simpler for you.

#1. Chromecast with Google TV

You might have a streaming service installed on your TV such as Roku but these platforms are no match to the extraordinary experience that the new Chromecast with Google TV offers. It is a 4K HDR streaming device. The best thing about it is that the device comes with a remote which makes it really easy for you to browse content on the television. Another thing that you should know about the device is that it is a revamped version of Android TV that is built around the content you love watching. This means that it pulls in the different services that you are subscribed to and the series you enjoy, and then makes specifically tailored recommendations on the home screen. How cool is that!

#2. Amazon Smart Plug

This smart plug is one of the must-have gadgets. But why exactly? Well, it can save you energy costs. Plus, if you have used this plug to run an appliance but have forgotten to turn it off then there is no need to worry about it. All you have to do is open up your Alexa app and ask it to cut the power off and so it will. How? It is called a smart plug for a reason! What’s more? Alexa offers some really cool power monitoring tools. This means that you can easily find out which of your appliance is using the most power. You can then later adjust the usage behavior accordingly.

#3. Facebook Portal+ 

Love Facebook? You are going to love Facebook Portal+ even more! It is a perfect piece of tech for the year 2021, a time when many are still experiencing social distancing due to COVID-19. This device from Facebook makes video calling easy for everyone. Plus, it lets you stay in touch with your family and friends. Facebook Portal+ features a 15.6-inch video screen and a super high-definition camera which will allow you to establish a more intimate connection with your loved ones. Apart from video calls, you can use Portal+ to watch videos and listen to music.

#4. Google Nest Mini

Google became one of the first companies to make voice recognition, and AI technology available. So, there is no doubt that they are still the best when it comes to creating smart home and voice assistant platforms. With that said, their latest product Nest Mini is a device that deserves a special place in your home. It is a small speaker that you can command to control your smart home. This tool will take care of everything from turning off the lights to locking your door so that you don’t need to move a muscle.

#5. Amazon Echo Show 5 Smart Display 

Smart displays have been getting a lot of popularity as of late. This is mainly because of their versatility. What this means that a smart display can do it all whether you need to make video calls or want to set up an alarm. The Amazon Echo Show 5 has an ideal screen size which you can use in different settings. And the best part is that it won’t take up too much space.

#6. Anker Nebula Solar Portable Projector 

Projectors are always an essential piece when it comes to building a smart home theatre. And what better device to have than the Anker Nebula Solar. It is compact in size and can easily display the 1080p quality of your favorite Netflix series or movies. You won’t be needing to set a specific picture setting. Also, there will be no need to connect the device to a power outlet. All you need to do is simply point it at a well. This tool will give you an experience similar to a movie theatre.

#7. Sony WH1000-XM4 Noise-Cancelling Headphones 

This headphone is perfect for those who prefer to listen to music at complete peace. This is most probably one of the best noise-canceling headphones available in the market right now. Plus, it has an excellent sound quality which will make it listening to your favorite jams highly enjoyable. Just strap these headphones and let the music take control of you!


And there you have it. These are some of the fantastic gadgets that you should definitely check out this year. All of them have unique functions and will make your life really simple. So, which one of these gizmos did you like the most? Also, do you think if this list has missed out on an important gadget that should have been there?

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