Should I go for CompTIA CASP + or CISSP? This is a very common question requested by IT professionals. Here are some advantages of CompTIA in the updated CASP online training.

  1. CASP + is a performance test.

Employers need social-cybersecurity skills, and CASP + ensure the pros can “walk run” besides “talk talk.” For example, the two roles of work owned by CASP + and CISSP are security engineers and security architects, which requires direct skills to build Siber systems and programs. But only CASP includes simulations to test these skills on the network and various systems.

Pass the CASP + exam and get a certified show you have the right skills here, now. The employer’s documentation is not needed because you have proven that you have direct skills to do work.

Why take a test that only includes multiple choice questions when employers need to know you have performance skills that are certified by CompTIA advanced security practitioners?

CompTIA performance certification validates skills related to work or certain responsibilities. To get certification, candidates must show their ability to perform related tasks through simulation and performance-based questions, prove that they not only know what work is needed, but how to do it.

  1. CASP + provides cybersecurity manager with technical mastery.

In many cases, it becomes challenging to manage the team or Cybersecurity program if you do not understand how certain technology works. For example, if the directors ask you to ensure compliance with certain government standards, the request can involve launching Cybersecurity technology and complex infrastructure requirements.

CASP + -Restores professionally understands this standard and how to obey it. They also have advanced skills needed to lead, design and implement technical solutions.

CASP + includes the direct skills needed by the Cybersecurity architect. According to Cyberseek, the Cybersecurity architect gets a median salary of $ 133,000 per year, and there are more than 5,000 jobs in the United States alone. CASP + can show employers that you have the skills they are looking for.

  1. CASP + Fill in industrial skill gaps for advanced Cybersecurity work, directly.

CASP + was born from industrial needs for the advanced and advanced cybersecurity assessment. Many pro cybersecurity with more than five years of experience want to stay on the keyboard and work directly with technology and cybersecurity tools. They may not want to be managers, or they can only enjoy everyday challenges to solve complex architectural level security problems. CASP + is the answer to them.

For example, for many years the US Navy uses CISSP to certify advanced pro cybersecurity, regardless of the role of their work. But they don’t have a good way to assess the advanced Cybersecurity skills for personnel who are not in management positions. That’s why they mandate CASP +.

Corporate Cybersecurity work around the world experiences the same skill gap. That is why Manech, Northrup Grumman, SMS data products and Booz Allen Hamilton all asked CASP + in their job advertisements.

CASP + meets ISO / ANSI standards 17024 and is approved by the Department of Defense A.S. to meet the requirements of the direction of 8570.01-m. This is in accordance with Government Regulations under the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA). Regulators and the government rely on ISO / ANSI accreditation because it provides confidence and trust in the output of an accredited program. More than 1.3 million ISO / ANSI-accredited CompTIA exams have been delivered since January 1, 2011.

  1. CASP + costs less than CISSP.

CompTIA CASP + USD $ 439 retail costs and includes performance-based simulations and multiple choice questions. CISSP costs USD $ 699 are retail and only include multiple choice questions.

Employers need advanced IT professionals, direct skills for Cybersecurity work including security architects, application security engineers, major technical analysts and security engineers. The role of work that is in accordance with this request is expected to grow over the next 10 years, according to the Labor Statistics Bureau A.S.

The Comptia Advanced Security Practioner (CASP +), the latest updated in April 2018, is an advanced Cybersecurity certification which includes performance-based questions and multiple choices. CASP + assesses IT professional direct skills that are conceptualized, engineers, integrating and implementing secure solutions in a complex environment to support strong companies. Download the test objectives to learn more.

CASP + often compared to (ISC) 2 certified information system security professionals (CISSP), and many pro asking themselves, “which certification is the right for me?” The two exams assess advanced cybersecurity skills and neutral vendors, but the equation stops there.

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