How to Choose the Best Online Sportsbook


The legal state of sports betting and gambling in the US and Canada is constantly evolving. It seems as though more states are exploring the potential for gambling – if they have not done so already – and more sports fans are finding it easier to bet on their favorite teams.

It used to be the case that there was little chance of betting on sports outside Las Vegas. Although a trip to Sin City is still very much recommended, there is now a choice of Vegas online sportsbooks that can be accessed across the continent. We’re now going to take a look at what you need to consider when you are getting ready to sign up for a new customer account.

Can You Access the Sportsbook?

Before we go any deeper into the process of choosing an online sportsbook we should really find out whether you are able to access a site in the first place. Gambling laws may be changing all the time, but if you live in a location where online sports betting is illegal – or restricted – you might just have to wait.

Some of the big international betting companies now operate in the US and Canada, but crucially not in every location. Check the current state of gambling regulation where you live and then start to see what sportsbooks operate in your locality. Then we can move on to the other factors to consider.

Welcome Offers

Just how keen are the online sportsbooks for your custom. Although a welcome offer shouldn’t be the only thing to take notice of when choosing where to sign up, it should definitely be on the list. With so much competition for business, you should be able to find an attractive offer.

You will be able to compare welcome offers from different sports betting sites to see what the market is like in your area. It also depends on what you consider important. Some sportsbooks will offer free bets, while others prefer deposit matches. It’s up to you which kind of promotion you go for – but always read the small print.

Major league sports attract a lot of betting interest

Betting Markets and Odds

Once you have taken in the welcome offer details you can begin to look at just what the sportsbook offers. Betting markets and odds may seem much the same across the board to a newcomer. It is true, they can be very similar. But there is a lot to be taken from these small details.

It goes without saying that you should make sure that the sportsbook covers the sports and leagues that you want to bet on. It is no good if it has hundreds of Super Bowl markets when you want to bet on La Liga soccer. Look for the best odds as well – that’s where the biggest potential winning returns will come from.

Payment Options

This might not be the most exciting factor to consider when choosing an online sportsbook, but it is still very important. We are taking for granted that your options have a safe and secure payment operation (although you should definitely check that out too). But you will still need to find out whether they accept your preferred method of payment.

British bettors are no longer allowed to use credit cards to deposit and withdraw money with their online betting sites. So make sure you can use your debit card, e-wallet or cryptocurrency with yours.

Customer Care

This is a factor that covers a lot of aspects of a good online sportsbook. It could mean that there is a good range of ways to get in touch with a customer support team that is there to help you. You might not think you will ever need to get in touch – but when you do, you want it to be a quick and easy operation.

But customer care also means how well the sportsbook looks after your custom. The bonuses and offers should not disappear once you have signed up – and there should always be exciting and interesting bets to discover. Above everything else, sportsbooks should be clamoring for your custom. Make sure you are the one calling the shots and you can then concentrate on the business of betting.

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