Reasons You Should Hire an SEO Agency to Handle Your Law Firm’s PPC Campaign


Search engine optimization or SEO is today’s top way to direct traffic to a law firm’s website. There is another form of marketing that brings clients to attorneys when they need legal representation. Pay-Per-Click or PPC advertising is taking a stronghold on the new traffic generation. An SEO agency specializes in handling a law firm’s PPC campaign by taking the headache away from the law firm while the attorneys can focus on what matters most, their clients. There are so many Google updates that it can get hectic for a law firm to follow everything. An SEO agency will take the load off the company.

Advertising is the essential way of gaining ground in building any business. It takes strategic research and planning to handle a PPC campaign, and if it exceeds the budget, it can hurt more than help. Professionals at an SEO agency know how to handle the process and put forth the best marketing skills to bring clients to a law firm’s front door. To better understand the strategies and techniques an SEO agency uses, we must fully understand the PPC campaign and how it can benefit a law firm.

What is a PPC Campaign?

A PPC campaign for a law firm is a form of digital advertising that advertising companies pay every time a website is clicked. It will put the law firm’s website at a higher ranking in Google, allowing more exposure for the law firm. For example, you will see an ad posted on a page that sends the user straight to the law firm’s website. The advertisers pay every time the link is clicked, building potential clients and raising the bar on the search engines. It pretty much ties in with the keywords punched into the search engines and puts forth artillery of advertisements.

The Benefits of Having an SEO Agency Handle the PPC Campaign

Within the results of Google ads management, PPC ads will place a higher ranking for the law firm. As mentioned earlier, it all ties in with the keywords, and the ad is clicked on when the user sees it.

With the thousands of law firms on the internet, it is critical to stay above the competition. Since this is the new wave of advertising digitally, it is a guarantee; other law firms are using the same techniques. It helps boost the reviews, information, what your law firm handles, and how others benefit from the services done.

PPC Campaigns are the most valuable way of finding the top keywords people are using. It gives a heads up on what people are searching for in a law firm and keeps the website current and updated with the latest information. The SEO agency can also make adjustments to stay on top of the competition because they know all the secrets and tricks to rank a website on top of searches. Instant changes are made, and the law firm does not worry about anything. The SEO agency will capitalize on live events, spending and follow the success ratings. They can discard what is not as popular and focus on what works.

PPC Campaigns Target the Right Clients

A law firm that handles personal injury cases will want clients affected by work-related injuries, car accidents, and other forms of damage relating to the topic. They do not need customers who need to write out a will or have issues that are not under their specialty. The PPC campaign will only bring clients who require representation for personal injury. This process saves time and money for everyone. When the potential client sees the advertisement and clicks on it, the law firm can offer consultation and take on the legit cases.

Keeping Track of the PPC Campaign

Data is gathered through the PPC campaign as the SEO agency will keep track of the progress. There is no messing around with an SEO agency as they perform their duties in real-time and analyze the data quickly with reports back to the law firm. Communication is vital between the SEO agency and the law firm. You may ask what the SEO agency does with the PPC campaign. There are three main goals they achieve:

  • They adjust the tracking to suit the law firm’s needs.
  • They come up with fast results and continue with what works best.
  • They monitor everything from start to finish.

The Different Types of PPC Marketing

There are three main types of PPC marketing used by SEO agencies. All the user does is move the mouse over the ad and click the picture or link.

Ads with Displays

These are the pop-up types of pictures you see on any website. Some are animated or short videos, while others are still pictures explaining the law firm and what they do. Over 90 percent are used by this method and has proven to be most effective.

Ads with Searches

This form is used by people who are looking for the types of services rather than attorneys. It also brings the user to the law firm’s website, but the law firm pays fees when the potential client goes to the website or calls the law firm.

Remarketing Campaigns

This form of advertising uses social media to place ads that the user previously visited. In other words, if you click on the ad that brings you to the law firm’s website, and you go on social media, the ads will pop up on your social media. It is all tied to partnering websites.

Summing Up Everything

No matter what a business does in advertising, it costs money. The best way to go about it is through an SEO agency and have them take care of everything for the law firm. So many law firms find an SEO agency’s value and only sit back and let the clients come to them. From pulling in the clients to the budget, the best thing is to use what works and keep doing it.

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