How to choose the right company for HealthTech development?


As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic situation of recent years, remote access to healthcare that is secure and simple has become very important. Because of this, HealthTech solutions began to grow rapidly so companies and startups began to invest heavily in digital transformation.

The goal of HealthTech software is to help manage and increase people’s health through preventive and monitoring methods (e.g. wearable devices). Such solutions carefully analyze patient data to optimize their treatment plans. Not without reason, many people see a lot of economic opportunities in these solutions – there is a high probability that in 2024 medical technology sales will reach about… $600 billion! What does this mean for the IT market? It means that it is necessary to keep a close eye on trends and issues in the medical market in order to be able to prepare innovative solutions to support the activities of health organizations. Releasing a fully functional, the quality medical product usually requires working with a competent company. How to choose the right ones?

How to get started with HealthTech?

Healthcare systems around the world, unfortunately, are often underfunded and overburdened. Investing in HealthTech solutions is one of the best ways to help these organizations and prevent further problems in the future.

Digitizing healthcare is combined with increasing their savings, efficiency, and financial security. In order to create a valuable healthcare application, the most important goals must be identified. A quality collaboration between smaller and larger companies is the key to improving the health of many through digital technologies. However, to make this happen – a corporation must choose the right technology.

Although there are already many types of healthcare software on the market – the potential for healthcare support applications is still huge. So choosing the right software is not the easiest thing to do especially since there are already many remarkable trends such as:

  • EHRs and EMRs – these are electronic health records (i.e., medical recommendations),
  • IoT – which is a network of connected devices that can communicate with each other and share data with users over the Internet (e.g., blood pressure watches),
  • Telemedicine – which is used to communicate and set up remote appointments,
  • PRM – involves managing relationships with patients, e.g. through various types of portals,
  • Data management – which means data integration and analysis (e.g., for digital records).

What’s important in developing healthcare software?

When deciding on a service or product, you need to be able to understand the medical industry, which certainly takes some time. However, it is worth it because only by learning about healthcare issues will it be possible to create the right product.


Because of the constant risk of cyber threats, application security should always be at the top of the agenda. Building trustworthy security systems is always a high priority when building a product. Keep in mind that in the case of the medical industry, we are dealing with very personal health information – so data security is a fundamental feature for building trust among users.


In order for a digital product to achieve its goals, you need to define exactly what it is supposed to achieve and for whom it is targeted. You need to be able to predict how patients and medical professionals will react to the software, which is why you need to define the identity of all the people who will use the application before you start the process of building the product. This is how vendors will be able to build a good experience for users who will expect a personalized experience.

Data protection

HIPAA (US), GDPR (EU), and other medical regulations that control patient information are often the reason developers have to build custom code. However, this is very important, as all patient information should be strictly protected with solutions such as coding or anonymization. While building a HealthTech product, it is important to be aware of not only regulations but also data security requirements.


HealthTech apps should be scalable from the start because it is often the case that they do not function fully on their own and they combine with other systems. In addition, HealthTech products often need to expand their capacity so when building them you should allow them to grow quickly.

How to find a technology partner?

Working with an experienced IT partner like Applover often has many advantages. The right team will be able to design the best possible version of the desired digital product and will certainly suggest many improvements. Working with an IT company allows you to launch a new product not only faster but also more cost-effectively because of the developer’s experience in building innovative solutions. How do you find the right company? 


Consult your contacts. Reviews from people who have previously blazed paths with companies will certainly help with choosing the right candidate who can meet your expectations. An excellent and reliable place to source a partner is also Clutch, and popular B2B platform.


Tracing the company’s previous experience can tell you a lot about whether they will match your needs. Knowledge about the tools they deploy and their security requirements can be crucial in capturing a company’s potential. Knowing how a company has handled previous projects and how it approaches projects often determines the ” to be or not to be” of a given collaboration. So don’t be afraid to ask the company for references and proof of your skills.


Attending technology events is a great way to find a technology partner. Events are often held online as well and allow you to casually get to know the companies and the people who create them, so don’t be afraid of them!

HealthTech is the future of healthcare

The opportunities available to developers today are causing a true digital revolution that can do a lot of good. Relieving the pressure on medical facilities and providing patients with comfortable solutions for their health is a positive trend in the market, which can further distinguish a company from its competitors. For this reason, it is worth investing in new HealthTech technologies to influence a better and better experience for users of medical facilities!

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