The Top Tips To Help Avoid Neck & Back Pain In Your Daily Life.


Many people in Thailand constantly complain about neck and back pain. The things that they do every single day doing their jobs or living their day-to-day life aren’t conducive to good back or neck health. Many of us have woken up in the morning to find that our neck is incredibly stiff even though we feel that we had an excellent night’s sleep. Many of us work on computers all day long and so that can have a terrible strain on both your neck and back. The thing about neck pain, however, is that it isn’t usually something that starts the night before and it is usually a result of bad practices over time.

Many office places do not offer us the right kind of chairs to sit on and so our posture suffers as a direct result. This leads to reduced muscle strength in our back and neck which leads to lots of stress and low quality of sleep. If you are experiencing any of these then it’s likely that you would benefit from these top tips to help you to avoid all of this pain in the first place. There is always the added option of professional neck pain treatment available to you but ideally, you should be trying to avoid the pain in the first place.

    1. Try to move around more – Many of us stay in the same position throughout the whole day especially if we are working at a desk and using a computer. The important thing is to make sure that you get up and move around throughout the day and so. Your neck gets stuck in a very unhealthy position that will cause you some kind of pain.
    2. Think ergonomically – If the items like your monitor that you use every day are not that level then make some changes so that it is. If you are typing on your keyboard all day long then you are more likely to suffer from issues with your neck and shoulders so spend a little bit of money and get yourself a speaking application that will do all of the typing for you. Invest in a proper chair so that you have back support at all times.
  • Change how you sleep – It doesn’t matter that you love to have loads of pillows in the bed with you because if you have too many then this can hold your neck at the wrong angle and so this really does affect your range of motion when going about your daily things like getting out there to enjoy the city of Bangkok. Getting a good night’s sleep is incredibly important and so make sure that you get at least one hour of deep sleep on a very regular basis.

It is important to know your limits in life as well and so don’t try to lift something that is clearly too heavy for you and even if you lift things that are quite manageable, lift with your knees and not with your back.

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