10 Commendable Attributes of Australian Fruit Pickers


Everyone knows that Australia is one of the hardest working countries on the planet. But Australia’s agricultural workers usually go a step further than their fellow Aussies: Working in difficult conditions, these workers often show us the very meaning of hard work and dedication.

With its abundant supply of great fruit picking jobs Australia has one of the best economies in the world, and fruit pickers often work some of the most challenging jobs in Australia’s agricultural sector. Here are just a few of the attributes that allow these amazing workers to take on such challenging work and succeed in the process!

  1. Resilience

Agricultural work doesn’t always go the way that we plan; this is doubly true of fruit picking. You can work hard all year long only to find that your efforts have not paid off. But most fruit pickers in Australia are resilient even in the face of such challenges: Nothing will hold them back from doing their best.

  1. Endurance

Make no mistake: Fruit picking is very hard work. A person who is good at fruit picking is a lot like a mountain climber or a marathon runner: Long-term effort is the name of the game. This job is by no means a sprint! For their tireless work, fruit pickers deserve our respect.

  1. Efficiency

Timing is everything in the fruit picking sector of the agriculture industry, and fruit pickers will need to be very efficient indeed if they are to do their job well. Getting everything prepared will ensure that farms are able to get fruit supplies out to the public. There can be no doubt about it: In the agricultural world, fruit pickers are some of the bests in the business when it comes to efficiency.

  1. Teamwork

As you might imagine, agricultural workers are at their most successful when they work together as a team. A farm or orchard is very much a group effort; to really get results, a group of fruit pickers has to be better than the sum of its parts. And in Australia, no one knows about the benefits of teamwork more than fruit pickers.

  1. Love of the Land

As in all forms of agricultural work, a love of the land can really help a worker to succeed. After all, a good fruit picker knows that they will have to work in rhythm with the natural world: Their schedule follows the patterns of the seasons and each new year brings new hopes and possibilities.

  1. Work Ethic

It will surprise no one to learn that a great work ethic is essential for fruit pickers! It is true that the work in this area of the agriculture industry is difficult. However, a great work ethic can really help everyone involved in this type of labor find joy in their efforts.

  1. Long-Term Growth Thinking

Because raising good crops year after year requires extensive long-term planning, fruit pickers are at their best when they think in the long-term. This makes fruit pickers excellent at planning for the future.

  1. Humility

Working in nature is oftentimes a lesson in humility: When a sudden storm can undo hours or even weeks of effort, it is easy to develop a respect for the natural world. Fruit pickers are some of the humblest people on the planet: They know what it means to work in harmony with the seasons and know that much in this world depends on the cycles of nature.

  1. Bravery

It takes much moral strength to rise early each day and endure difficult physical labor for hours at a stretch. Few forms of work are as time-honored and commendable as agricultural work, and fruit pickers deal with some of the most challenging work that the agricultural sector can provide. Fruit pickers certainly deserve credit for their monumental efforts!

  1. Physical Strength

It is true that fruit picking can be tough on the body, so fruit pickers will definitely have to build up their physical strength to meet the demands of their job! Fortunately, the job also provides great opportunities for exercise. If you want to remain physically fit and work in nature, few jobs can be as rewarding.


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