Different Types of Therapies for Depression


As there are many different types of depression that people have to suffer from and no two people are affected by the same type of depression or anxiety, there are different types of therapies and treatments available. These therapies are specially designed to understand the basic needs of the depressed person and help them accordingly.

This article will help you to have an overview of different types of therapies that are available to treat depression among youngsters and working professionals.

1.Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is used by a therapist to explore the unhealthy thought patterns of an individual. These patterns might including thoughts, behaviors, feelings, emotions, moods, etc. It is a type of psychotherapeutic treatment that has been in medical science for ages and has helped hundreds of thousands of people to recover easily from their depression.

CBT helps individuals to identify and change destructive or disturbing thought patterns that are having a negative effect on their thought process. People who are suffering from anxiety, Suicidal, Revenge, or other emotional thoughts are treated using this therapy method.

Below is a list of different mental disorders that can be treated using the Cognitive-behavioral therapy method.

  • Depression among youngsters and working people.
  • Anxiety disorder
  • bipolar behavioral disorder.
  • Trauma-related disorder.
  • eating or health-related disorder.

2. Mentalization-based therapy

Psychology states that mentalization-based therapy is an ideal solution for people who are especially suffering from a borderline personality disorder or BPD patients. BPD is a type of disorder seen among depressed people, This disorder changes the perspective of an individual to look around themselves or to create one’s perspective. This makes it difficult for patients with BDP disorder to survive in normal conditions or normal everyday life. Extreme mood swings, impulsive behavior, emotional breakdown are some of the common symptoms found in these types of patients.

Mentalization-based therapy involves a technique called mentalizing. This technique helps people with BPD disorder to notice and understand their thoughts and feelings and understand the cause behind their extreme behavior towards things or people. This helps the patients to think before they act and gives them time to recover.

Mentalization-based therapy has helped so many people to recover from their borderline personality disorder. This article by BetterHelp will help you to understand more about mentalization-based therapy.

3. Psychodynamic therapy

Psychodynamic therapy attempts to help an individual overcome their negative thoughts and behaviors that derive from past experiences. In this type of therapy, the individual is encouraged to find patterns in their emotions, Behavior, thoughts, and beliefs which are then analyzed to gain more insight into their current situation.

Psychodynamic therapy involves getting into the person’s past and recalling all the past experiences starting from their childhood because the psychodynamic theory believes that the early life experiences are more influential in the psychological and functional behavior of the patient.

Once the person understands the basics of their behavior or the cause that is triggering the wild behavior in themselves, it gets easy to overcome this behavior and handle any particular situation with more sense.

4. Animal-assisted therapy

This therapy is an ideal option for people who love spending time with animals. Animal-assisted therapy involves an individual spending time with a trained animal such as Dog or a cat. This helps the patient to decrease their anxiety and build confidence.

There are many private organizations, Hospitals, Nursing homes, and other medical facilities that use this therapy to recover the people suffering from anxiety or depression. If you are comfortable with having your own pet such as a dog or a cat then you can always try adopting one as there are thousands of such animals waiting to be adopted. This way you can help the animal shelter as well as yourself.

Final Words:

These are the common and most popular forms of therapies that are used to treat people with mental disorders, anxiety, or those who are suffering from depression. Check this article if you have trouble sleeping at night. If you have any questions regarding these therapies then you can ask them by commenting down. Please share this article if you found it useful.

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