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Fearless and United Guard also known as FAUG (Soldier in Hindi) is an Indian multiplayer action game developed by nCORE games Company. The company itself is an Indian company with an office in Bengaluru India. The FAUG is a game that was recently announced by Akshay Kumar (Indian Film Star) and this article will help you to understand the steps required to Download the Faug game and what you can accept from FAUG Android App.

FAUG game was first announced after the ban of the famous multiplayer action game PUBG in India. The Game was already popular with over 100 Million active players per month. However, After the decision of banning various Chinese apps for privacy and security reasons, PUBG was also banned. Fortunately, Companies like nCore Games saw an opportunity and decided to launch an Indian version of PUBG known as FAUG.

If you are one of those PUBG players who are looking for a great alternative to PUBG then we recommend you to continue reading this article till the end and find out more information about downloading FAUG APK on your mobile.

What is FAUG?

Fearless and United Guard (FAUG) is an Indian multiplayer action game developed by a Bengaluru based gaming development company nCORE Developers. The Game features similar gameplay to its rival PUBG when you will be sent to a place with up to 100 Different players who engage in a deadly battle for around 45 minutes.

Just like PUBG, you can play different maps, Driver Cars, Hold different weapons and kill others to survive in FAUG. the game FAUG also features the multiplayer option where you can play alongside your friends in a team and combat against enemy teams to win the game.

FAUG Game download on Mobile 2020


FAUG Game APK Download

Faug is yet to release but it is said to break all records of the game’s download in India. FAUG is known to be available for Android in its initial release and iOS once the user base increases in India. You can download the famous FAUG game Apk using the steps given.

However, Before proceeding further, it is important to know the mobile requirements before downloading or installing the FAUG game. Just like PUBG, the Faug game also requires a mobile with a certain amount of RAM and storage space in order to work smoothly on Android

Requirements to Download FAUG on Android

  • Android device with android 6.0 or Higher.
  • Working WIFI Connection.
  • Free Space of at least 3 GB.
  • Gmail or Facebook account.

Once your mobile meets the system requirements set by FAUG, you can continue this guide and know the steps required to download the APK on your mobile.

  1. Go to the APK Download website.
  2. Click the search box given at the top corner of your screen and type “Faug APK Download”
  3. Click on the link which says “FAUG APK” developed by “nCore games”
  4. Click the Download button and wait until the APK file is downloaded on your Android mobile.
  5. Finally, Click the downloaded file and follow the setup instructions to successfully install FAUG game App on Android.

FAUG game download for iOS

Similarly, the game is also available on the Apple app store for iPhones. The game is known to enhance your experience with its high graphics, smooth controls, and gameplay on iOS devices.

Below are the exact steps to download Faug on iPhone.

  1. Launch the App Store application on your iPhone.
  2. Click the search bar and type “FAUG Game Download”.
  3. Click the first option and select the down arrow icon to install it.
  4. App store might ask you to confirm your identity by fingerprint or entering your Phone password.
  5. Once downloaded, Open the Faug app and start playing the FAUG game on iOS devices.

FAUG game Size

Action games are known to consume a lot of space on your Mobile. They require high graphics, Hundreds of code files, Skins, and other data related to gameplay is also stored locally on your mobile The game size of FAUG is known to be around 1.5 to 1.8 GB. However, the number can go up with actual release and future updates. It is advised to keep at least 3 GB of storage space free for this game to actually work on your device without any interruption.

Final Words

Faug is really a fun and adventurous game to play. you can connect with your friends and start playing Faug in a team to combat against dozens of other teams. The best part about Faug is that they have made their map in Indian style and included some stunning Indian locations to keep players engaged and have fun.

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