How to Find Anyone If All You Know is his Phone number?


Communication is one of the relevant skills that make an individual’s life more comfortable and work efficiently. Communication is appropriate to pass on or share information daily with friends, co-workers, or family. One can do this by calling or using the internet to communicate, but what if you don’t have any data about the individual except his contact details. 

In the modern world, technology is much more advanced with new or updated features. The information is readily available to us and is just one click away. Various search engines like Cityzor have the feature of mobile phone number lookup. You can find the information on any individual online by searching for his contact details.

This feature enables you to find data about an unknown number. You may be receiving threatening texts or calls, and this feature will let you know about the person behind this act or determine if the number is just spam or of an important person. Here is descriptive information of the sites which allow you to search the details of an individual.


CityZOR is one of the leading sites that enables an individual to collect data using a phone number. It helps you to determine an unfamiliar person along with additional information. They provide accurate and dependable information as they are direct partners of official and legal sources. This service is costless and offers other searching choices, including searching for a person using state code or reverse address lookup by address. The additional details provided by this people finder site includes email address, age, social networking links, criminal records, profession, pictures or videos, marital status, and even relatives’ data. You can get this detailed report using a paid extension. This process does not take much time and is faster compared to other sites.


Google is the best search engine and contains a lot of information. It can be used to find details of an individual, but this could be a tedious process. You can find the data of any person using the contact details. Google’s data involves name, gender, date of birth, profession, relative’s information, and even an individual’s interests. It allows you to search for any individual free of cost and contains data of people worldwide.


Truecaller is the most frequently used website running for more than ten years and is used globally. People use it to search for an individual using his phone number. It provides free service and lists only the name and location of the registered phone number. It provides a paid premium account, which includes some additional data such as email addresses. The data provided comes with a guarantee of accuracy and authenticity. It is a quick and efficient method for looking for a phone number.


Radaris is a search engine that collects information from different trusted sources and combines it to give complete information about an individual. The data is up-to-date and precise as it updates its data daily. Radaris collects information from not only public records but also from professional databases. This site gives details like criminal records, property records, or employment history as well. This site allows you to search for data using phone numbers free of cost.


Zabasearch is a site that can be used to find out a comprehensive report of an individual using a phone number. It can also be used for reverse search, i.e., using a name to find a phone number, and is chargeless. It provides birthdate, birthplace location, driving records, criminal history, and current residential address. This additional record requires a paid version. It is mainly used to track addresses over the past few years, but it works only in the USA.


BeenVerified is one of the fastest ways to look for a name using a phone number online. This site works only in the USA. You can also use an email address or name to find the data of an individual. It requires you to pay for the search, and the information shared is updated and correct. It gives social networking links, professions, court records, etc.

These are some of the few ways to search names and other details using phone numbers. You can use any of the above websites or search engines to do the required task according to your requirement. The information provided by these sites helps us to take necessary action and protect ourselves from intruders. 

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