Is Reddit Down? Fix Reddit Service Unavailable


Reddit users reported that they are experiencing a “Reddit Service Unavailable” issue while browsing through the website. The issue is global and a lot of users experience this issue. In this article, we are going to show you the tricks by which you can access Reddit even after receiving this error or experiencing Reddit down. Earlier also, users have faced issues like Roblox down where the users were not able to connect and play games, Complete purchases or even browse the website or client due to the Roblox Server down issue. it is very much similar to what the Reddit users are experiencing. There are multiple reasons for a website to appear down on your system. If you think that there is a problem with your computer or browser that is preventing the website from loading then read this article to know more about it.

Reddit is a well known social networking website where people share their ideas and thoughts by joining different subreddits. Subreddits help people to organize the posts and users can only see articles that they are interested in. people can post questions, Articles, and comments on different Reddit posts and Subreddits and grow their network.
Sometimes the website experiences an issue such as “Reddit Service Unavailable” or “Server Down” this issue is not new and follow this guide to find a way of solving this error.

How to Solve “Reddit Service Unavailable” Error

“Service Unavailable” is an issue faced by a lot of Reddit users when the server is not able to fulfill your request. In simple words, the server is not sending any data to your Browser. There are various reasons for this issue but the common and major ones are easy to fix and it is possible to gain website access again. Below we are listing some of the common fixes for Reddit down the error.

Solution #1: Check your internet connection

Check for your Wifi or Cellular network and make sure that it is working properly. Visit other websites and try to load their URL and see if the websites are loading on your browser. If not then try to fix your internet connection. You can try troubleshooting the connection by restarting the router or by switching between cellular and broadband network.

Solution #2: Use VPN App to browse Reddit

Another solution that you can try is to use VPN Apps. VPN is basically a Virtual Private Network where your request is sent to some other server on the VPN network and from there to the website’s server. Similarly, when a website sends the data back, It first goes to your VPN network and then on your local machine.
Using VPN App, You will not only access but also surf the internet more securely and privately.

Solution #3: Use Different Browser or Reinstall your App.

If you are using a browser to open Reddit then try using a different browser app such as Firefox or Microsoft Edge. and check if the problem resolves. You can also switch to the incognito mode by pressing Ctrl+Shift+N on your keyboard.

Solution #4: Disable Adblock extension

Adblock extensions on Chrome and Firefox are known to cause issues while connecting your system to the Reddit servers. You can quickly fix this issue by disabling the Adblock or any other extension and try visiting again.

Solution #4: Try Clearing Cache files

Cache files are generated by the website or App that you visit. Cache files are stored on your local computer and are utilized whenever needed. If the file is broken or contains corrupt code then it can malfunction thus causing to not respond.
If you are using a browser app such as chrome then follow these steps to clear the cache files:

  1. Open your Chrome Browser and go to settings by clicking on the three dots given at the top-right of your browser window.
  2. Under “Privacy & Security”, Click on the “Clear Browsing Data” option.
  3. Finally, select the box which says “Cookies*” and “Cache files*” and hit the Clear Data button.

Solution #5: Wait for Reddit to Respond

If you have tried all the above-given solutions and yet you are facing the same problem then we will recommend you wait for to respond as this can also be a global issue for the website.
If the website servers are down or not responding to your request by default then the problem is global and you are one of the many users who are facing a similar issue. You can check for Reddit’s server uptime information on this page.


Reddit is a fun place to share and gain knowledge with other people. Sometimes even giant websites like Reddit might face issues and we have to be patient and wait for the company to resolve the issue.

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