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Roblox UGC catalog is live and now any publisher can create and sell unique items on this Catalog page to earn money. Roblox has recently completed a live test and it is now enabling many content creators to create their own goods like hats and other accessories. Other Roblox users can give Robux to their friends by purchasing the goodies available in the UGC Catalog. This article will get you through the steps required to get yourself into UGC and sell your own stuff on the Roblox UGC Catalog

Roblox is an online game building community platform where game developers from across the world come together to build some stunning 2D and 3D games. One can also publisher their game where other people can join and play it for free using their Roblox Account. The Platform is known to offer developers all the possible options to build and distribute stunning games in Arcade, Racing, Military, Puzzle, and other categories.

Roblox has been improving its platform for years now. They have already added some stunning features and functions for ease of game development. Their recent update features a new Catalog store for User-Generated Content (UGC). In this article, We will tell you everything about the Roblox Catalog and how you can use it for your own benefit.

What is UGC Catalog?

User-Generated Content (UGC) Catalog is a new feature introduced by Roblox which helps game builders earn extra money by selling merchandise such as T-shirts, Hats, and other accessories. Currently, anyone can buy the goodies listed on the Catalog page using Robux, a Virtual Roblox Currency.

UGC Program is currently new and a lot of improvements and features are constantly added to the program. However, a lot of game developers have already seen a surge in orders through the Catalog page.

ugc catalog roblox

How to Join the UGC Program on Roblox?

The program is currently limited to a certain set of content creators and you won’t be able to see the option on your profile if you are not selected or not a part of the group. There is also a limit to the number of creators to be accepted at each time. According to Roblox, This is mainly done due to the Beta release and various experiments such as Layout, Pricing model, Currency that are currently taking place. However, they have also stated that the program will soon be available to the general public and anyone can join and sell their stuff using the Roblox Catalog.

Guidelines for Applying to UGC Program on Roblox

Roblox also gives an option for people who want to join the existing UGC Program. The user can simply fill up a form and submit their application. Unfortunately, due to certain limitations, Not everyone filling this form will be accepted and you have to follow some strict guidelines before even applying for the program.

Below we are listing some important points you should consider before joining the Roblox UGC catalog.

Follow Community Guidelines

Every social networking website has its own guidelines that decide the rules for anyone joining the website. Similarly, Roblox also has some guidelines that one has to comply with before applying to the program. Below are some basic points covered in the Roblox Community Guidelines.

  1. Share Unique Ideas
  2. Be Polite and Use your words wisely
  3. Do not run any cheats or hacks while playing or developing a game.
  4. Do not share Harmful, illegal, or hate speech.

There are a lot of other guidelines, Follow this link to read more about them.

Share Unique Content

Content is the heart of every community website. The more quality content a website offers, the more users will get attracted to the website. Roblox is also strict about its content policies. If you want to sell your items through the Catalog store on Roblox, You must share and create unique and engaging content for the users.

Maintain your Profile

It is also important to be an active member of Roblux before applying to the UGC Program. Log in daily to your Roblox account and carry out various activities. Be active and help others to grow. Build engaging and challenging games for other users.

How to Apply to the UGC Catalog program?

If you think you are eligible for joining the UGC program and you meet all the basic requirements that we have stated above, you can follow these steps and apply for the UGC program offered by Roblox.

Step 1:

Open on your desktop and sign in with your existing credentials.

roblox UGC catalog

Step 2:

Click this link to open the UGC application form. The entries were closed when we were writing this application, Due to this, you see the “Sorry, We have reached the Maximum number of applications” message appearing on the screenshot below.

UGC catalog application form

Step 3:

Answer every question and fill up every data in the form and click the proceed button. They might need additional information from you, provide them will all the required information

Step 4:

Wait for their Email, if your account is approved/disapproved from joining the UGC Program, you will be notified by the Mail.

Final Words!

Because of the initial release, only a few people are allowed to join the UGC catalog program. We hope, in the near future the platform will be available for everyone to join and sell stuff to their friends and fans using the UGC catalog program on Roblox.

If you have any further questions or queries then let us know by commenting below.

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