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Google has recently launched the Google Task Mate app and everyone is currently looking for the Google Task Mate Referral Code. The referral codes are limited and you can only sign up for your account if you have the valid invitation code required by the app. However, due to our user base, we are able to generate and distribute the Google Task Referral codes in large quantities. This article will help you understand everything about the Google task mate app and how to get the Google Task Mate referral code in 2020.

Google has already launched so many products in India and in other parts of the World. With its previous success of Google Pay, Google has already started investing more money in the Indian Market. The Google Pay app currently servers over 100 Million customers and accounts for approximately 42% of the total UPI transaction that happened in India in October 2020. Google has recently launched its new online money earning app known as Google Task Mate. The app is currently in its beta testing phase and the company is giving the opportunity of signing up on to the platform to a limited number of people.

It is hard to sign up for the new Task Mate application without an Invitation Code and the code can be only shared by the person who has already signed up on the platform. If you want to obtain a Google Task mate app invitation code then continue reading this article.

What is Google Task Mate App

Users who have already got their hands on the App by successfully getting the referral code have shared their experience. The Google Task Mate app is a task-based money-making app where the user is given a certain task like Translating English to a Regional Indian language, Sharing information about your city, Click pictures of Restaurants, Movie theaters, Hospitals, Parks, and other local businesses and places. After completing every task the user is rewarded with real money that can be withdrawn later on through various payment methods.

The App is known to increase Indian businesses listing and presence online on various google platforms like Google Maps, Google My Business, and other places where the google search engine works.

Google Task Mate Referral Code/ Invitation Code

The Google Task Mate app is currently in a beta phase where a limited number of people are given access to Sign up and use the App. However, you do require a Referral or Invite code in order to successfully signup for the service. The Referral code is a unique code that is only allocated to the existing users.

The Google Task Mate invitation codes are limited. Even the existing users can share the code with 3 people at a time, Once 3 people have used your code, It is no longer valid.

Note: If you already have an invitation code and want to share it with people then send us your code in an email at and we will list your Google Task mate referral code in this article.

How to get Google Task Mate Referral Code/ Invitation Code

Though the app sign-ups are limited, There are a large number of people who have already signed up for the app and you can use their referral code to get access to the Task Mate App. However, it is tricky to find the Working Google Task mate invitation code and even if you find any code online, there are chances that the code is already used more than 3 times and is no longer valid.

Fortunately, We have found a few ways using which you can easily get a working Google task mate referral code and start earning money.

Get Working Google Task Mate Referral Code using Youtube

One of the easy ways we found that might help you to get your working referral code for the Task mate app is through Youtube. There are many videos about the Google Task Mate app. Just go to or open the youtube app on your mobile and search for the “Google Task Mate” keyword on Youtube. Open any video and go to their comment section. Here, you will find a lot of Working Google Task Mate app referral codes.

Join Telegram Groups

There are a lot of Telegram groups that you can join to get a working Referral code for Task Mate. However, you should also share your Task mate referral code once you successfully sign up. This will help other people to join the app using your Referral Code.

Download and Use Google task Mate invitation/ Referral Code on App

If you are wondering what to do with a successfully working referral code and how to use it while singing up to the Google Task Mate app. Before proceeding further, If you haven’t already downloaded and installed the Task mate app then follow this guide to understand the whole process.

Step 1:

Go to Google Play Store and Search for “Task Mate” app using the header search box. You will see an app named “Task Mate (Early Access). just click the green install button and wait until the app is installed on your mobile.

task mate play store invitation code

Step 2:

Once the app is installed, Launch the app by clicking the Task Mate icon. The app will automatically choose your existing Google account email address. Either continue with the same email id or change it and click “Get Started” button.

sign up to task mate android app

Step 3:

The next step is pretty simple. It will ask you to Select app Language. Just choose between English and Hindi.

google task mate invitation code

Step 4:

This is the final step where you will be asked to enter the Task Mate referral code that you have obtained. Just enter the 6-Digit Referral Code and click the Continue button.

Enter your Task mate referral code

Working Google Task Mate Referral codes in India

Below we are giving you some working Google Task Mate Referral codes that will help you to sign up in India. Please note that one Invitation code can only be used by 3 people only. Try every code which says working.

  1. Referral Code 1: JFF23W (Working invitation code)
  2. Referral Code 2: VDW3GV (Working invitation code)
  3. Referral Code 3: QVVB3K (Working invitation code)
  4. Referral Code 4: HET4E1 (Expired)
  5. Referral Code 5: QRFE2R (Expired)
  6. Referral Code 6: ZSRTUE (Expired)
  7. Referral Code 7: RTGV2R (Expired)
  8. Referral Code 8: P45TGV (Expired)
  9. Referral Code 9: B6R7GR (Expired)
  10. Referral Code 10: XFGHT5 (Expired)
  11. Referral Code 11: SD32R3 (Expired)
  12. Referral Code 12: LGTE2W (Expired)
  13. Referral Code 13: 3WKFDN (Expired)
  14. Referral Code 14- SXF4W2 (Expired)
  15. Referral Code 15- GFF3GT (Expired)
  16. Referral Code 16- C43GGT (Expired)
  17. Referral Code 17- GESCB4 (Expired)
  18. Referral Code 18 – 45REDN (Expired)

Note: We are constantly working towards adding new and working Google Task Mate referral codes. If you are able to sign up with any of the referral codes given above, Please share your referral code in the comments below or by sending us a direct email at

Final Words!

This is everything about the newly launched Google Task Mate app using which, you can earn money. There are small sitting or Field Tasks that you might need to perform in order to successfully receive the bucks in your Task mate account. Eventually, when the amount reaches a certain threshold amount, you will be able to withdraw it in your bank or other accounts.

We have already given you the list of Working Google Task mate Referral codes, If you have any questions or queries then let us know by commenting below.

What is Google Task Mate App?

Google task mate app is a new app launched by Google using which you can make money by completing small tasks like translation or clicking pictures.

How to Sign up to Task Mate?

You can download the app from Google Play Store. However, the app is in the beta phase and requires a working Referral code.

How to get the Working Google Task Mate Referral/invitation code?

JFF23W, VDW3GV, and EWVG3R are some of the working Referral codes available for the Google Task Mate App.

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