Hair Care Routine to Keep Your Hair Healthy


Who doesn’t love their hair with every bit of their heart? Hair not only gives us an amazing appearance and phenomenal personal style but also protects our head from numerous harmful substances. The hair care industry has evolved a lot with age, and now there are numerous hair products and tools to keep the hair healthy, strong, and shiny. Once gone, the hair can never grow back naturally. Therefore, proper care of hair should be taken from right at this moment. In this following article, we are going to go over some methods that will effectively help you take care of your hair. Stay tuned to get the best routine you can follow easily.

Determining Hair Type

Determining your hair type is the first and most important step to start your hair care routine. Different types of hair require different degrees and methods of care to maintain properly. There are four types of hair seen normally:

  • Straight hair: This type of hair falls flat from the root to the ends evenly. Straight hair is pretty hard to curl, and often people with this type of hair have oily scalps. As a result, the hair gets greasy evenly. Straight hair is too often seen to be soft and silky.
  • Wavy hair: This type of hair lies in between straight and curly hair. Soft and large curls often progress from the roots towards the end of this type of hair. Wavy hairs often have a rough texture that can hold hairstyles well. One can style their wavy hair into straight or curly easily.
  • Curly hair: This type of hair contains prominent curls from the root to the end. This type of hair tends to be more dry and frizzy than straight and wavy hair. There are three types of variants present in curly hair, long curls, medium curls, and tight curls.
  • Coily hair: this type of hair is most prominent in people of African ethnicity. This hair possesses tight curls and is prone to breakage and damage easily if not taken care of properly. Three variants are often seen in this type of hair, soft, wiry, and extremely wiry.

Taking Care of Your Hair

There are various measures that should be taken to properly care for your hair. They are:

Washing Your Hair

Washing your hair every day is not recommended, as it can damage your hair. The essential oils naturally generated in your hair get washed off when you wash your hair too often. There are several factors that determine how often you should clean your hair with shampoo. The factors being:

    • Grease: Oily hair tends to attract more dirt than dry hair. Therefore they need to be washed more often than dry hair. If not washed properly, the pores of the hair get clogged, and that hinders the growth of healthy hair. Additionally, conditions like dandruff, other genetic and age-dependent factors determine how often you should wash your hair.
  • Hair type: Straight hairs are greasier than any other hair type. Therefore, they need more washing than textured or curly hair.
  • Dust or pollen grains: If you work outdoors, your hair comes in contact with dirt and pollen too often. Herefore, you may require washing more than often.
  • Lifestyle: If you travel more, your hair and scalp may feel more sweaty and greasy. Therefore, you may require washing your hair every one or two days.

Oil Massage

Oil is the only food that can make your hair healthy and smooth. Therefore, an oil massage once a week can really make a difference in the health of your hair. The essential oils can even address the specific concerns that you have about your hair.

Trimming your Hair

Trimming your hair can provide you with healthier ends and prevent them from splitting. There’s a misconception that trimming can help your hair grow faster. However, there’s no evidence supporting this statement. Getting a trim after every 2-3 months is highly recommended for healthy hair.

Avoid Hair Ties Too Often

When you tie your hair, there’s constant tension in your hair. It often results in breaking up your hair and eventually shedding. So keep those amazing locks of hair whenever you can.

Use Hats to Avoid Direct Sun Contact

If you travel too often or work outdoors for a long time, consider using hats to protect your hair. Sunrays not only damage your hair but also makes your hair dry and frizzy. In addition, a hat can also protect your hair from pollution and dirt. Thus, your hair will need less washing and can stay smooth and shiny for a long time.

Wash Your Hair With Cold or Lukewarm Water

When you use hot water to wash your hair, it strips away all the moisture and essential oils from your scalp. Therefore, using cold or lukewarm water is highly recommended.

Use Less Hair Products

Most of the hair products available in the market produce heat and can damage your hair eventually. Keeping your hair set for a certain time may cost your hair to look dull, dry, and frizzy. Therefore, whenever you use a hair product like setting spray or setting gel, clean it up as soon as possible. Also, consider applying a heat protectant to reduce heat damage.

Light Therapy

Light therapy is an amazing technology invented in the modern era. With numerous other benefits for mental health, physical health, and skincare, light therapy has also conquered the hair care industry. With the help of concentrated red led lights irradiated on the scalp, new hair growth can be achieved effectively. Additionally, it helps in healthy hair growth and much more tolerable than hair transplant surgery. If you are concerned about hair fall and hair health, a light therapy device is a much-needed item for your hair care kit.

Softer, glowing, and healthy hair is desired by almost everyone. Achieve all these qualities in your hair can be achieved effectively with a little bit of care regardless of your hair type. So, keep a certain time to care for your hair and rock any amazing look that you desire.


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