How Does the Mobile App Industry Benefit from The Super Bowl


Around 100 million viewers watch the Super Bowl each season – some for the game, some for the commercials, and many, many more because they are gambling on the game. Even before sportsbooks have released the Super Bowl lines, they are looking for ways to attract as many of those Super Bowl bettors as possible.

Your local casino/sportsbook may be having “Big Game” parties where they raffle off a flat-screen TV and offer complimentary ham sandwiches, but the world of mobile betting is much more competitive. Because the Super Bowl is the most-watched sporting event of the year, it’s the time that mobile betting apps try to lure in as many new customers. Here are some reasons to try mobile betting ahead of this year’s championship.


By far the biggest reason why the Super Bowl is the perfect time to get into sports betting is because of the promos that sportsbooks offer to try and bring in new customers. You will see nearly every mobile operation offer a promotion around Super Bowl time.

These aren’t just $5 free bet promotions either, as some sportsbooks offer up to a free $250 bet on the Super Bowl for new customers. They offer this because there are usually some hidden details like having a rollover – meaning you have to bet the winnings a certain number of times before you can cash out. The sportsbooks hope that you will become a regular bettor, but at the end of the day, it’s still free money.

Other types of promo codes are deposit matches up to $1,000 or more. This means if you deposit $250 the sportsbook will match that and you’ll instantly have $500 in your account. Higher deposit matches of up to $1,000 are also available but based on only %20 of the initial money you put in. So you’d have to deposit $5,000 to get the $1,000 but once again – free money.


Betting on the actual game is one reason to download mobile sports betting apps prior to the Super Bowl, but the real star of the big game are prop bets. The Super Bowl offers the most prop bets of any sporting event – by a landslide – and many of them don’t even involve the actual game.

Some popular Super Bowl prop bets include:

  • Betting heads or tails on the coin toss
  • Over/under how long the national anthem will last
  • Color of the Gatorade poured on the winning coach
  • Will a fan run on the field
  • Will there be a wardrobe malfunction

Of course, there are prop bets available for the actual game as well including over/under catches, yards, etc. for nearly every player. This makes every single play of the Super Bowl exciting.

Live Betting

Another reason why mobile sports betting apps are great to have during the Super Bowl is that they offer live betting. This means the odds change on a play-by-play basis and you can get a wager in even after the game starts.

Live betting also offers early cash-outs. If the team you wagered on gets down big you can cash out and cut your losses. If the team you bet on gets up big, you can also cash out for a profit and avoid the devastation of a late comeback by the opposing team.


There is no better time to get into sports betting than the Super Bowl. Sportsbooks offer their various promotions and a wide array of wagers in the hopes that you’ll become a regular visitor to your site and in their eyes spend a lot more money over the course of a year.

Whether you intend to be a regular sports bettor or just want to get some action on the big game that is totally up to you. As they always say, whatever you decide to do, do it responsibly.

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