Is It Real To Become A Developer For Software Tester? Choosing the Career Path


Software testing has earned a reputation of being a career that people accidentally follow, and then love after some time. However, this is a myth. The career is thriving, and there is a high demand for software testers, and yet there are only a few eligible candidates. This brings one question—is software testing a good career path?

In this article, we shall discuss the benefits of becoming a software tester to help you decide.

Challenging work environments are part of the software testing career

If you love tackling new challenges or working in challenging work environments, then software testing is the right career for you. A career in software testing provides a lot of challenges every day. But this shouldn’t discourage you from pursuing a career.

On some days, you will need to work for long hours—and this is a challenge for most people. Also, you will face some scenarios where you will need to do the same thing repetitively until you find the bug that’s causing problems to the entire system. Typically, anyone who starts a career in software testing should embrace challenges without complaining and should find solutions before other people can.

You get to enjoy everything you do at work

Software testing is a very dynamic career, and it’s ever-changing. The technologies used in the software development world keep changing after a very short time. This, software testers need to learn about the new technologies introduced in the industry for them to succeed in their career. Thus, you cannot get bored because of a tedious work routine.

Besides, it’s important to note that things are becoming a bit easier for software testers. That means a software developer doesn’t need to be proficient with coding, although it’s a plus for them. The advancement in software development technology has seen the introduction of automation testers, which write several pieces of code with the purpose of automating test scripts.

Therefore, becoming a software tester does not mean your daily work will involve a monotonous routine. At times, you will be testing software programs, other days you will be talking to clients or writing scripts.

The work environment in the industry is very flexible

There is a lot of flexibility in the software testing field. That means you will not be committed to testing software programs from the office. You can work remotely while traveling or from a coffee shop or the comfort of your home. Besides, the career opens many opportunities for you to interact with a lot of people, thus allowing you to have a lot of fun. In addition, you have the opportunity to discuss different projects with clients and exchange valuable information and experiences. What else would you love apart from that?

Job security

Software testing is a trending career, which means there will be a lot of job opportunities. Besides, the career is very dynamic, and there’s a constant introduction of new software development technologies. Furthermore, most of the work has been automated—meaning you don’t have to deal with the lengthy and tedious manual processes. Interestingly, we’ve seen some testing platforms going mobile, meaning you don’t have to use your computer to do your job.

However, there’s still a high demand for software testers, but the supply is limited. Because of this, most employers have a challenge in finding software testers. With that said, qualified software testers have the opportunity to get better jobs, with good remuneration.

It’s a well-paying career, with a lot of room for growth

The experts at Entrance Consulting say that starting a career in software testing presents you with a lot of growth opportunities. And, this is one of the reasons why most people are choosing this career path. Besides, software testers make good money. Statistics released by Payscale indicate that a software tester earns an average of $55,565 every year.

While this income might be a bit less for newcomers, it gradually increases as they grow in the career. Seasoned software testers are known to earn almost the same amount as software developers. And, most companies are more than willing to pay top dollar for software developers because they understand their value.

Besides, starting a career in software testing doesn’t mean you will remain to be a software tester. As you grow your skills and experience, you can get promoted to become a project lead, test manager, test lead, or automation architect.

It presents opportunities for other career paths

Becoming a software tester presents numerous opportunities to other career paths. Once you become a professional software tester, you can pursue other opportunities like a performance tester, business analyst, or automation tester.

You don’t need a degree

Yes, the good thing about starting a career in software testing is that you don’t need a degree. You only need passion, enthusiasm to learn and experiment, as well as problem-solving skills. However, having a background in software development, that’s an added benefit, as it can make you stand out.

Bottom Line

Your career path or job is not all about making money. It’s something that becomes part of your lifestyle, makes a big impact on your life, and consumes a bigger part of your lifetime. Therefore, you must take your time to think about the career path that you want to choose to avoid regretting in the future. Besides, it’s important to consider all the benefits and drawbacks before making your final decision.

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