5 reasons why you need a VPN


Today VPN has become increasingly popular, from being the good thing to have’ to now being a ‘must have’ tool for most people online. This is because of the growing concerns related to online privacy and regulations & laws that allow the ISPs to sell user data.

There are many reasons why we should use a VPN, and here we’ve listed some reasons why VPN is essential.

Secure messaging

Online communications have now been updated from simple- easy text-based emails to short- platform message services such as Skype, WhatsApp, or Snapchat. These are some of the most popular ones.

The main issue here is that not all the apps are encrypted, and hence there lies a great potential for messages to be read and intercepted. Utilizing these messaging services through a Virtual Private Network enables you with a higher level of security and privacy with encryption. The conversations are kept at the same place where they belong, i.e., in private.

Online gaming

Playing an online game through a VPN like ExpressVPN may seem a flawed idea; however, it comes with significant advantages. For example, there’s secrecy like we can keep our account details and credentials secure and safe because our account may contain credit card information.

Moreover, a VPN is also used to overcome a geo-blocking restriction which means an American can play any US-based game when traveling overseas. In some instances, a VPN also offers a faster speed connection that allows us to connect with a fast gaming server. This you might not have been able to access without a VPN. A lousy attempt indeed.

A VPN can also boost the level of protection against any DDoS attacks. These are not common attacks, but gaming rivals may attempt to target connections due to any severe grudge and might bog the link down, resulting in you suffering in the game. A bad

Secure public Wi-Fi

Staying connected is more than a necessity today, and this requires free Wi-Fi. Free Wi-Fi is an essential commodity as it enables us to keep in touch with friends, business colleagues, and family members. Moreover, using Wi-Fi won’t drain your smartphone data plan.

However, using public Wi-Fi can also be full of risks. Risks like packet sniffers, falling into scams due to fake Wi-Fi connections, or being hacked with malware. However, the good part is that a VPN having the latest encryption protocol protects your entire precious data from such attacks and hazards.

Location-based price targeting

Businesses today not only target their offerings and ads at potential customers, but they regulate their pricing too. For example, we usually see a supermarket adjusting their price of a particular item because of local competition. Therefore, this act becomes quite painful when it happens over the internet.

To deal with this, a VPN can even such odds. You can now select the VPN server’s location and change and benefit from the best offer instead of the one you get from your actual location.

Bypass restrictions 

Accessing a computer at some locations like a library or school will not offer you services like the entire internet; they usually provide a partially censored or filtered version. This seems to be a good idea for the protection of users. Otherwise, it can be annoying when we are trying to look up some blocked topic.

A virtual private network, in such cases, bypasses the restrictions and enables the users to have full access to the whole internet and avoid unreasonable limits.

Therefore, a VPN is now a necessity to keep online activities private and secure. Be it email or your storage accounts, they are the potential targets for hackers, but you can claim a robust encryption protocol and reclaim your privacy through a VPN.

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