How to Find & Block Restricted Phone Numbers


Are you constantly receiving Phone calls from an unknown number? and when you check your phone it shows “Restricted” or “Private”? well, in this article we are going to talk about restricted Phone numbers in details, We will tell you, what exactly are the restricted numbers, How to find the Phone number of the Restricted number and How to Block them.

Mobile Phones have changed the way we live in today’s World. It has made our lives so easy. Today we can connect with anyone we want with just a phone call, connect to the internet, and browse any information on any topic that we want. We can also contact many companies using their toll free numbers and get our issue resolved. However, there are some downsides to this technology. Nowadays, people are receiving more spammy and fraud calls than ever. We have seen a lot of people getting scammed just because they thought the service was real and legit.

Restricted Phone numbers are one of the ways that scammers use to scam other people. Restricted phone numbers are hidden from viewing publicly and only Special Agencies can access this information.

What is a Restricted Phone Number

When you receive a Phone call and rather than showing the name of the caller, or the Phone number, the Phone shows you a text saying “Restricted” or “Private”, these types of calls are known as Restricted Phone Calls.

People and Companies use Restricted numbers to hide their identity and don’t want others to trace back to their origin. They do this for maintaining security and privacy. However, a large number of telephone holders can still be found by free-lookup.

How to Find a Restricted Phone Number

As we have already said, The restricted phone numbers can not be seen directly unless there is some reason for it. You can’t see the restricted phone number in the Contact logs, In Call History, or in the billing statement received from the Phone Company. However, if you are constantly receiving phone calls from a restricted number for the Harassment or spying purpose, you can try out a few ways to block such calls.

How to Block a Restricted Phone Number

Even though the use of Restricted or Private Phone numbers is only for increased security and privacy of an individual, these numbers can sometimes be used for other purposes like Scamming and harassing.

The best way to deal with such calls is to block them from directly contacting you. Here are a few possible ways to block restricted numbers.

  1. Ask your Network Provider:- You can block the restricted numbers from calling you, for this, you have to ask your Network providing company to restrict such calls. You can do this by calling the Customer Care number or by Emailing them with your details.
  2. Use Call Blocker:- Another way to deal with Restricted phone numbers is to block them from your device. If you are using an Android or iOS device, there are multiple apps on the Play Store or App Store that can fulfill this requirement.
  3. Report to the Police:- If the harassment continues, then you can complain about it directly to the local authorities about the issue and get it blocked from calling you. The Phone companies will put a trap on the line. Along with the trap, you will be asked to keep a note of the time and date of the calls. You can then tell the company about the Timing and they will forward the call logs to the authorities.


You should always share your Contact and personal details with your close friends and family only. There are many companies who sell your data for money, Keep yourself safe from such Companies.

If you sign-up on a lot of websites using your Phone Number then avoid using your primary number as it can be used for illegal activities.


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