A Few Essential Considerations for Business VoIP Phone System Buyers


Are you planning to purchase a business VoIP phone system? Is it that you have started a new venture and are seeking to set up business communication? Have you given a thought about the business VoIP phone system?

If yes, this article is specifically designed for you, educating you on what business VoIP phone systems are and how they benefit your business. Also, we would outline a range of factors that you must consider when making a purchase.

Without much ado, let’s move ahead to uncover VoIP phone systems. 

What is a Business VoIP Phone System?

In simple terms, a business VoIP phone system is one that allows organizations to hold communication over the office IP network. For one, such communication is totally secured, and that it embeds end to end flexibility within the lines of business communication.

What demarcates the cNumber business VoIP phone system from the traditional landline phones is that the former uses internet technology to make calls. All of the messages are sent in the form of data packets which are then sent to the receiving end. The packets are then decoded to deliver the intended message. 

Perks of having a business VoIP phone system?

Is 0844 free to call when purchased from cNumber? Are its features perfect for my business?

There are many questions in your mind while buying a business VoIP phone system.

Apparently, the answer is and similar to the above, there are many VoIP phone numbers that do not charge or charge less. This is probably the reason why businesses prefer having a VoIP phone system. One thing to note here is that this is one of the reasons and that there are many more.

To be precise, a business VoIP phone system: 

  1. Facilitates remote communication. Meaning that no matter where your business is located and who your customers are, a business VoIP phone system will give you the ease to remotely connect with the system and make calls over the net. This way your business remains active 24/7. 
  2. Increases customer experience. VoIP Phone systems allow you to transfer or route calls to the dedicated agent. This ensures that your customers are heard and their problems are solved. Not to mention that when you keep your customer concerns the topmost, their overall experience improves.
  3. Improved security: While tapping phone lines were an option before, the calls made over the IP are encrypted and totally secured. 
  4. Cost-effective: The call charges incurred through traditional landlines are pretty high. And if you think about calling your international customers, the price would soar high. On the flip side, VoIP phone systems come with a monthly subscription and organizations need to purchase one of these. Based on the plan selected, you can make as many calls both nationally and internationally.

Fascinating, right? 

Now that you are moved by the system, we know what the factors that help you select the right business VoIP phone system service provider are.

Things to consider when switching to VoIP telephony

  1. The first thing to consider is what the features are provided by the service provider. Whether or not, the provider offers the desired features. From call transferring to call forwarding, call recording, and IVR facility, business phone systems have a lot to offer.
  2. Second, see if the service provider gives you the option of solution scalability. What this means is whether the system is scalable. In the future, if you wish to add more features or extend your plans, will the provider allow you to do the same?
  3. Third, the prices and the plan configuration. It is important to keep tabs on the monetary value of the system. Different service providers have different plans. Based on what you need and what is your budget, go ahead to make the choice. 
  4. Integration is an important feature offered by the business VoIP phone system. However, not all organizations offer the ease to connect CRM or relative apps. In case, you seek such integrations, keep that in mind when selecting the service provider.


A business phone system is a lot more than just a form of communication. If used in the right way, it can benefit an organization dramatically – whether or not is 0844 free to call. But before you start utilizing it, you must be sure of the services offered by the provider.  Keep in mind the above and you are all set to install your cNumber VoIP phone system.

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