How to Chat with your Friends on Minecraft


Minecraft offers an in-built chat option where you can easily share ideas and chat with your friends. If you are playing Minecraft then you must have seen it. otherwise, follow this guide to know more about how to open the chat option on Minecraft and how to use different commands in Minecraft’s Chat.

Minecraft is a popular Multiplayer Arcade game build on JAVA. The game is owned by Microsoft and currently has more than 100+ Million Downloads. The game is exciting and full of adventures. You get a world where you can build structures, mine earth’s core, Grow trees and different bushes, Build castles, and almost anything of your choice.

You can play Minecraft on almost any device as it supports Windows, Android, and iOS it is also available for PS4, PS5, and Xbox. If you love playing Minecraft with your friends then you must know, how important it is to have a proper chat system.

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How to Enable Chat on Minecraft?

Many people face the issue of not able to type messages in the Chat section on Minecraft. This is due because The game is set to default settings in the multiplayer server and usually the chat mode is only enabled for typing in commands. To enable the chat option in Minecraft, Follow these steps:

  1. Launch Minecraft on your Computer.
  2. Go to the Options tab and look for Chat Settings.
  3. Change the Chat Command only to Chat Command Shown.
  4. Using this technique, You can chat on any Minecraft multiplayer server.

If you don’t know how to chat with your friends in Minecraft or how to use commands in Minecraft, follow this guide to know about it.

How to Chat in Minecraft?

If you don’t already know, You can open chat in Minecraft by pressing the “T” button on your Keyboard. Once the chat window is open, You can read the messages sent by other users on the game. You can type your message and press the “Enter” Key to send that message to everyone on the map. You can also copy any command or message using “CTRL+C” and paste it in the chat window with the “CTRL+V” command.

How to use Commands in Minecraft Chat?

Another major reason to enable Minecraft chat is to be able to use the Commands option. You can use the command feature on Minecraft by typing forward-slash (/) followed by the command. You can use the arrow keys in the Minecraft chat window to go through previous commands and use the tab key while entering a command so that you could get all the possible suggestions.

For example, you can use the “/weather <type>[duration]” command and change the weather to clear, rain, or thunder. for the duration, you have to use timing in seconds. so if I want to set the weather to rainy for 1 minute I would type “/weather rain 60” to change the weather for 1 minute. There are many different commands that you can use in the chat window and enhance your Minecraft’s gaming experience.

Final Words!

That’s it! this guide covers, enabling chat option on Minecraft, How to Chat with your friends in Minecraft and how you can use different commands in Minecraft’s chat window. If you have any further questions or queries regarding Minecraft Chat then feel free to drop your questions in the command section.

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