Why Are Reviews Important for Employment Lawyers?


In today’s world, a customer is not likely to make any purchase or buying decision, no matter how small or large, without looking at reviews first. With so many possibilities, reviews are one think that can set apart a service or product from another so lawyers are no different. A part of marketing for employment attorneys should be reviews.

Reviews for an attorney can be any type of feedback, whether it’s positive or negative, and can come from former and current clients. Reviews can also be from some potential clients if the review is related to an initial consultation. Anyone with internet access has a voice and can leave a review.

Reviews will allow for clients considering your services to get real feedback and learn if you are a good fit for their needs. About 83% of people will read reviews as the first step in finding a lawyer so reviews are more important than ever for getting new business.

Benefits of Reviews

Trust: When looking for legal services, most clients won’t have a lot of experience in choosing a law firm. This means that trust is going to play a role in the decision-making process. Through reviews, potential clients can read about positive experiences and feel more comfortable when choosing you as their lawyer.

Credibility: Your track record is important in the legal field. You will likely be more selected to provide services if potential clients can see you have the proven ability. Reviews allow clients to look at the success you have had.

Shareability: Marketing is done online and reviews give you an opportunity to have content that is easily sharable.

Relatability: Since most clients aren’t familiar with the legal system or exactly what they need a lawyer to do it can be helpful for them to see why other clients used your services. With reviews, any potential clients can gain insight into the experience you have had with others and how this might apply to their own situation.

Information: Your marketing plan should provide information and details about your legal services. Reviews are another tool where you can explain your services and give much needed information to clients.

How to Get Reviews as an Employment Lawyer

Since reviews are so important it’s necessary to also get as many reviews as you can, especially any positive feedback.

Include a link on your website that will take a client directly to a review site. Social media websites may also help provide you with a platform where a client can leave reviews. Being active on social media means that clients can have a space to provide you with feedback. Invite any former clients to leave a review using an email marketing campaign. Not only will an email marketing campaign remind clients to leave reviews, but you can also help your firm stay relevant. Include links to leave reviews in your email signature and on your business cards. The best way to make sure you get reviews that are positive is with quality professionalism and customer service. If you create an experience that is exceptional for all your clients, then they have no choice but to leave you positive feedback.

Review Sites for Lawyers

You will want to have reviews on different platforms so as many people as possible can know about your services. You can host reviews directly on your website, but it’s also necessary to have some on third-party sites.

Google: Google is the number one place people search online so you want to have positive reviews on the search engine in order to help build your clientele.

Facebook: Having a presence on this popular social media platform can be used to create connections and it’s also a popular review site.

Yelp: This is one of the most popular review sites so it’s great for any lawyers that need to get more reviews and bolster their online presence.

Avvo: This is an online marketplace designed for lawyers to build their client base. Some potential clients may go directly to Avvo so it’s important to have some reviews posted on this site as well.

What You Should Do about Negative Reviews?

When you are looking to get more reviews then of course you want positive feedback, but it can be hard to control what a client is going to say. A negative review is not the end, and it can even make your business more attractive if you have a few negative reviews. With only glowing positive reviews, it could mean that you are purchasing reviews to make your company appear better and it’s not clients who are leaving you feedback. Even with a few negative reviews, the majority of clients will still hire you. The main thing you need to consider is monitoring the reviews for your business. If you handle the situation correctly, a negative review can help you build relationships still. Always address the issue and apologize to the individual who left the bad review. If there is a way to make the situation better, then do that. Any negative reviews are going to be unavoidable, but most can be rectified.

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