Secrets to Success in Old School RuneScape


In the world of Old School RuneScape, as well as in other online projects, there are a lot of secrets for successful pumping for all characters that can be taken into account, or you can pump the way the game is at your own peril and risk. Fortunately, there are trials of osiris, which allows you to try out the project without paying a mandatory subscription and evaluate this old, but still interesting MMO

What you need to know about Old School RuneScape:

  • Paid subscription game
  • Skill system
  • Quest leveling system
  • Pumping on monsters
  • PVP
  • Bosses

success in old school runescape

The project inherits the ideas of World of Warcraft and is presented to users through a system paid subscription – players need to pay for the right to enter game servers every month, but there is a temporary free period that allows you to enter the game, create a character and evaluate the project before switching to a paid game model.

Skill system

In the game, the skill leveling model is based on the system of amplification through application, that is, it is important not only to increase the level, but also to regularly use skills to improve them. Many gamers remember a similar system from Elder Scrolls Skyrim.

Profession skills are also pumped through use, and the character can develop many talents and learn 17 different professions.

From the main ones:

  • Cutting a tree – brings resources to break up fires.
  • Scattered fires – creates a flame and a camp with restorative effects.
  • Fishing – resources for cooking and pleasant leisure.
  • Cooking – cooking strengthening dishes, the quality of the strengthening and the duration of the action depend on the skill.
  • Craft – the creation of unique equipment and weapons at the expense of resources and ingots produced from ore.
  • Mining is the extraction of ore and valuable materials from rocks.
  • Gathering Herbs – Gathering herbs and flowers needed for strengthening, healing, and stopping bleeding, and curing poisoning potions.
  • Alchemy – the creation of potions of various directions – attacking, defensive, restoring health.


Quest leveling system

Like many MMO projects, Old School RuneScape inherits the idea of progressive leveling through quests. This saves the players from inventing ways to pump and leads the gamer strictly along the path of project development. The player is shown the main game plot, given training in basic mechanics,increase your skills and guided through game events. The quest system allows you to regularly get equipment and weapon upgrades and earn good gold just by following the instructions of the game.

Pumping on monsters

Leveling separately from the general quest system is a bit risky, but an interesting move on the part of the player. Such a game can be rewarded if the player finds monsters for which he will receive enough gold and experience to quickly level up and develop important skills. Subsequently, important quests can be completed later, making it much faster due to the high level and good equipment.

It’s worth leaving the quest path if you are confident in your abilities and are going to start leveling professions, otherwise you risk losing your gold mining potential and finding yourself in a situation where you have a high level, but the equipment does not match it at all and you can no longer effectively destroy monsters your level.


PVP activity will haunt players from the very beginning of the game. You have to fight with other players for the best gaming locations, positions for leveling professions and for the right to fight field bosses.

The basic and logical development of the character leads to a confrontation with other players, and players are willing to spend hours strengthening their character.


The in-game bosses that can be found in every major hunting zone are a known good target if you can get a small group to kill them.

Bosses are added to the game so that the played groups and players who come to the game in companies have the opportunity to effectively kill more difficult targets and receive much better rewards than from ordinary monsters.

Bosses often bring players upgraded equipment according to the level and weapons that will help in future leveling.

Do not underestimate them, usually each boss has its own strong point – an attacking skill that prevents players from killing him, or a secret ability that he will use at an unexpected moment. The strengthening effect can also be expressed to the resistance to a certain weapon or skill – be careful before attacking. Weakness is a skill or type of weapon that will deal increased damage and make it easier to kill.

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