5 Things You Can Do with PDFBear


In a world where digital documents are prominent, you need to be knowledgeable about different kinds of file types you’ll encounter. You’ll be using loads of PDF files with school or work. So, you know how to deal with them and how you can get the best use of them in the best way possible. Having an awesome file converted is one of the best things ever! Not only can you convert other document files to PDF, but you can also do it the other way around!

PDFBear features

PDFBear is an online software as a service (or Saas) tool for all your PDF and file conversion needs. In this article, we’ve listed down five things you can do with PDFBear. There are so many good things about PDFBear. For one, it’s free to use. So, you don’t need to make any payments or subscriptions to access their features. Aside from split PDF online, merge PDF online, and Word to PDF online, there are so many other features on their website. There are no sign-ups or log-ins needed, either, so once you visit their website, you’re all good to go! Aside from that, the PDBear website is easily navigable, so you can find what you’re looking for without hassle! There are so many features to PDFBear that you can make use of, so you will get a lot of use from it. Read on to find out more!

Split PDF

The Split PDF feature of PDFBear allows you to extract pages from a PDF file and make them into a new file. It’s an awesome useful if feature if you want to remove pages that contain information that is confidential, or if you just don’t want pages in your PDF file seen by anyone else. You can also make individual pages that you can make into an individual file. No more wasting time looking through hundreds of pages, because you can easily just save a file with the pages you need with this feature.

Word to PDF

This feature not only lets you save Word files to PDF format, but you can also save a ton of disk space! Since PDF files take up much less space compared to Word files, you’ll not be able to save precious disk space, but sending or sharing files will be a breeze! Your recipient won’t have a hard time saving the files and he or she will also be able to save precious memory space!

Add watermark

The “Add watermark” feature on PDFBear allows you to add your very own watermark or logo to your PDF files quickly and easily wherever you want on the page. This is a great way to copyright your work, to make sure they’re secure and won’t be easily reproduced thanks to a watermark!

Number pages

For reading materials, it’s good to number them so you can easily make a watermark on them and know exactly where you stopped or put a pause to your reading. This is an awesome useful feature for you to keep track of what you’re reading. PDFBear lets you place the page number on any corner of the page. This allows you to place the page number, depending on your liking. Now, you won’t have problems keeping track of the last page you read. This is also useful for teachers who give out reading materials to students so that it’s easy to direct which page the lesson is on.


Last but not least, converting JPG images to PDF. JPG images will take a lot of your disk space in the long run. When you save a lot of JPG images on your computer or device, you’re basically consuming a lot of memory space. PDF files don’t compensate for the overall quality of your images, so you don’t have to worry about your photos looking different from the original. Also, compiling images is much easier when turned to PDF format, so you can group images together with little hassle.

Give it a go!

And those are five awesome things you can do with PDFBear. The many features of PDFBear are useful for all your PDF needs. It’s an all-in-one tool that won’t make you look for anything else. You’ll also be sure that your files are safe because after uploading them to the PDFBear website, they’ll get deleted permanently from their system within an hour. There’s no need to worry about your files getting published or shared without your permission. We hope our article on PDFBear helps you out with your PDF needs. The things we’ve mentioned are only five features, there’s still so much more you can do with it. So try out PDFBear for yourself. Once you get it, you’ll be wondering why you haven’t been using it all along.

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