Top 5 Reasons Why Facebook Is Better Than Other Social Media Sites


I don’t think there is anyone who doesn’t know what Facebook is, unless it’s someone residing in the woods! Facebook is the oldest social media website and has over a billion users. And it is the emotion of the people. But there are a lot of other social media sites as well like Instagram and Twitter.

So why is Facebook the best? Well here are some reasons why – 

1. It Is The Oldest Social Media Application

The app named Facebook is the biggest social media application that ever exists with the highest amount of users worldwide.

Whenever someone tells you something about social media, the first app that comes to your mind is Facebook. Whenever someone asks you to be any good social media platform, you name Facebook first. Right? But why? It is because the trend that social media has been able to set in the current scenario was started by Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg invented back in 2004 in a Harvard dormitory and since then the app has not stopped. Mark was so confident about the success of this app that he turned down a $1 Billion over from Yahoo Inc.! Facebook started the term social media. And since then most of the other apps you use are a part of it. Be it WhatsApp or Instagram or Messenger, all are a part of Facebook. 

So you can tell that Facebook is the oldest and most preferred social media application and it is the best!

2. Has Extraordinary Number Of Users

Yeah, Facebook is currently the most used social media website and is preferred by almost everyone.

Tell me one thing. When you to know about social media, which was the first website or app you had an account opened in? I bet it will be Facebook. Since Facebook has been in the social media market since the beginning, it undoubtedly has the largest number of users. Every person who thinks of joining social media opens an account on Facebook first. So it has big numbers under its name. And that is the main reason why marketers prefer Facebook for marketing of their products. The hunger for likes is a big concern as the people mostly love to be in the lime light and they think that getting more and more likes on their posts is the only way to do so. Although getting like on your Facebook posts is not that difficult, all you can do is simply buy Facebook likes and followers. According to reports, Facebook currently has over three billion users worldwide and it is increasing. And after Facebook took Instagram and WhatsApp under its name, the numbers have risen even more. 

And coming to the time spent, people in the US only spend 6:33 hours per month on Facebook. And Tumblr on the serving place has only 1:33 hours on its name. Notice the difference!

3. Facebook Can Feed In Everything

So Facebook is an application which has been given the right to take in any social media post under its name!

Did not understand what I just told? No problem. Facebook has the ability to feed in any post you make in any other social media platform provided the website comes under this app. So be it Instagram or Messenger or WhatsApp, you can transfer your posts directly to Facebook within a click. What do you use Facebook for? Mostly this app is used to post various things like pictures or videos or anything related to media. And that’s a People also use Facebook to share their personal thoughts or feelings. All you just need to know is the best time post on Facebook as to get the proper engagement and boost.  And the case is similar in Instagram and WhatsApp. But if by any chance you post some picture of yours on Instagram and want to share it to Facebook as well, you do not need to go to the app and repost it. You can do it just through a click! You just need to go to the post and click on Share option and choose Facebook. The post will be automatically reposted on the app and you can make some changes as well!

Need something else?

4. Marketers Prefer Facebook Over Others

Facebook has become a platform which has been used be the marketers all over the world since a long time.

And the reason for this is simple. Marketers mostly prefer selling or advertising in those places which has the crowd. And in this case, Facebook has the numbers advantage over all other social media apps be it Twitter or LinkedIn or anything you can imagine. Facebook is the oldest app and thus has a lot of users, almost over a million. Thus FB has become the favourite place for marketers to market their products or business. And the best fact is that all the beginners or small businessmen have adhered to Facebook for their marketing purpose and have seen the results. Let us take an example of the famous sports accessories brand Nike. This brands started its advertisement on Facebook and you better know where Nike stands today.

5. Facebook Is An Emotion

People today have started hiding their emotions but there is one place where everything seems existing!

So the ones who know how to express their feelings know the importance of Facebook. Facebook is the app where most people express themselves in front of others. Those who can’t show themselves to others directly choose this app to unravel themselves. I know the are lot of other apps which have the same facility. But FB has been the emotion factor for many for a long time now. Don’t believe me? Go check out yourself.

 These were a few reasons why Facebook is the best social media application. Adios!

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