What Gamers Look For in a PC Game Controller


Video gaming is one of the biggest ways people spend their free time. Whether it’s on a PS5, XBOX, or PC gaming system, video games are a popular form of entertainment. One of the great things about gaming is that there are a lot of games to choose from, including first-person shooters, racing games, and family-oriented games.

One of the most essential aspects of gaming is having a good controller. Specifically for PC gaming, a well-performing game controller is always desired. Today, we’ll give an idea of what gamers should look for in a PC game controller.


responsive game controller

As a PC gamer, you want your response time for any video game to be quick. Mere seconds can spell the end of an hours-long gaming campaign, and you can be blasted into digital oblivion. That’s the best PC game controller possible is one that allows for quick responsiveness. The best PC controller will be able to respond to your gameplay within a rapid response time. Most, if not all, developers of modern controllers keep this in mind, using their technological know-how to ensure there isn’t a lag from an elite controller to the game. A lot of modern games succeed only through the quick reaction of a player’s controller. If you’re a tournament gamer, such responsiveness is key to you winning or losing in various high stakes PC games.

Even if you are just a casual gamer, enjoying PC games in your spare time, the reaction time of PC game controllers is still key. Sure, you’ll need to worry about other features for controllers like analog stick control, dualsense functions, and shoulder button performance. Responsiveness is going to trump all of these features in the long run. Responsiveness is not just crucial for PC gamers. Since some gamers have a preference for console gaming, controller reaction is just as important on these platforms. For fans who have Playstation controllers, standard XBOX controllers, or even Nintendo Switch controllers, responsiveness for each type of controller is tantamount to having a good gaming experience. When seeking out a good PC game controller, consider the responsiveness of the device.

Battery Life

When you’re gaming, you want a cord-free experience for your PC gaming controller. You don’t want to have to keep your controller hooked into your desktop or laptop computer. This allows you a bit of freedom with playing games on this platform. In cases such as these, you’ll need a wireless controller, which is the preference for many PC gamers. When you purchase this type of controller, you’ll find that these elite controllers require Bluetooth support to speak with other online gamers. This Bluetooth support will also require a long battery life.

Whether the game is a racing game, a first-person shooter, or a platforming adventure like Cuphead, a controller to play these games requires a long battery life. The average lifespan of batteries for PC controllers is approximately 40 hours. For some PC game controllers, you can purchase battery chargers for your wireless controller game packs. These can help to extend the battery life of your controller. There are many wireless controllers with long battery life functions that are available today. Some of these include the Sony Dualsense Wireless Controller, the XBOX Elite Wireless Controller Series 2, and the Astro C40 TR. To make sure that you have a capable PC game controller, make sure to check the battery life before purchasing a new PC controller.


customize game controller

Many PC gamers love being able to customize their PCs and their controllers. This gives their controllers a feeling of individuality, and they also look a bit pleasing to the eyes. In order to customize your controller to your preferred style, first, consider adding a variety of colors to your controller’s skin. Do you like for your controller to be bright and colorful, or a bit darker on the color spectrum? You also have the ability to make customizable controls for your PC controller, which works best for your gaming preference.

Maybe when you’re playing a first-person shooter, you require the button layout to be different than the default settings. You can customize the function of your face buttons, your trigger locks, and the shoulder buttons of your PC controller. Being able to customize your PC controller in many ways is what you should look into when purchasing a PC controller.

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