Why Citations Are Important for Your Law Firm SEO?


21st Century Marketing Citation Strategies

Law firms are much like the medical industry. There are unlimited and specific branches of law practice areas of expertise. For example, you would not hire a bankruptcy attorney to fight a medical malpractice action.

Each law practice is uniquely different, offering different law sectors that a successful company website must address.

Law firm marketing techniques have changed significantly over the last several years since computers entered the business arena. The internet drastically changed the way businesses market their products and services.

Law firms wanting to make their presence known, increase their customer base, and increase their profits must have a business website. This law firm website is vital to any law firm that wants to see ongoing success and prosperity.

However, there are specific and necessary items that a law firm website must include, such as citations. Potential clients need to know how to reach your law firm, see the essential information and contact information on the complicated worldwide web.

Specific keywords must be selected for a law business website that potential customers will likely use to reach your website. Additionally, websites must be maintained, updated, tweaked, and sharpened constantly.

It is difficult and impossible for busy attorneys to care for all the specifics of a business website. Law offices are structured differently than other businesses and need a host of special attention.

Each business industry has a specific set of citations that are relevant to that industry. The following sectors use precise citations related to what products and services that the company sells. A few industries that market through their website are as follows.

  • Law Offices (many different types)
  • Healthcare Sectors (many different types)
  • Real Estate Agencies (offer multiple different services)

While domain authority is essential to a law website, the citations contained within the website are more vital to the company that helps the law firm become listed in their industry directory. Marketing professionals make sure that the law firm is listed in a specific online business directory.

The ideal marketing professional designs, creates, updates, maintains, and tweaks law office websites, a full-time job. Law websites are the expertise of Gladiator Law Marketing. Lawyers do not have the time to devote themselves to this vital cause. Attorneys must give each client their undivided attention, and time for websites is not possible.

This group of marketing professionals utilizes citations from relevant sources that place law practice at the top of local SEO services. Citations such as names, addresses, web addresses, phone numbers, and much more information about a law firm are vital to the ongoing success of a law practice.

Prominent citations bring new clients to any law practice. We make sure that the proper citations are included on the law practice website.

Citations are vital for local SEO because citations have become a ranking factor on Google. Gladiator assures a law practice’s presence in online directories, making it inevitable that the company has a viable existence. The practice is now accessible for anyone to find easily.

Attorneys Do Not Have the Time to Devote to Creating and Maintaining a Business Website

It takes a lot of experience and skill to design, create, and maintain a law practice website. Lawyers know that in this 21st Century, marketing strategies have changed significantly. If marketing citations are not done correctly, it can hinder the increased profitability of that law firm.

A seasoned marketing company such as Gladiator Law Marketing makes a significant difference in the client base of any law firm. This firm gets to know the practice, its goals, and what makes the firm unique.

Our creative and attractive websites are never a template. Each website is individualized, reflecting each law practice by taking a personalized approach to the design process.

This information helps these professionals create and design a law website that perfectly reflects the specific practice. Marketing through the internet is more than making a website attractive. We make sure that,

  • The client’s website quickly reflects the personalized approach to the website design process.
  • This website needs to work for the law firm.
  • This website needs to attract potential clients.
  • This website must drive conversion.

This marketing company,

  • Must research in-depth community trends
  • Research audience demographic
  • Discover your usability data
  • Must discover what works
  • Makes sure that your law website is stunning
  • Creates a custom design
  • Applies industry-specific widgets
  • Sets your website apart from others, creating eye-catching graphics which are easy to navigate and read.

Listed are just a few of the issues we address to get you started, and we will exceed your highest expectations. We want to be your sole marketing company.

  • We assign you, your professional project manager
  • Initiates a design
  • Organizes design assets
  • Works closely with you and your company’s needs
  • Find out your design needs and preferences
  • Creates the ideal company logo and brand
  • Supply a Videographer as needed
  • Supply a Photographer as needed

Our Goals for Your Law Website

  • We want to identify who you are by using your name, specific services, contact information, location, background, bio, vision, mission statement, skill, expertise, glowing reviews from prior clients.
  •  A website that answers client questions
  • Developing an online relationship with prospective clients
  • We make sure your website works successfully.
  • Design a contact information form that clients can submit to your office
  • Speed page loading for searchers
  • Design a mobile-friendly site (If Google finds out your site is not mobile-friendly, your ranking will plunge.)a mobile-friendly website
  • Create high-quality content
  • Help to establish your credibility.
  • We meticulously track how your website is working and make adjustments.
  • We make updates and ongoing improvements.
  • We make sure there is no missing information, your site is mobile-friendly, has no broken menus, and no disappearing text.

Call to Action for Ideal Marketing Strategies

Please consider hiring a successful and award-winning marketing firm, proven to show immense success with our clients. Discover the difference we can make in pulling in new clients for your firm.

Our company never produces a superficially attractive website. We create custom-crafted designs that prove to pull in new clients for each law firm. We work with law offices across the nation and show law firms how they can stand out and secure new and ongoing clients.

We are eager to help you make a significant increase in your SEO presence and see your client base increase, thus increasing your profits through a specific, unique, and individualized, and high-performing website presence.

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