5 Reasons Why Online Faxing Is Great For Business


Fax stays as one of the most mainstream approaches to send and get documents in 2020, seeing as it’s unquestionably safer than messages. Faxing is a method used by numerous associations and organizations for the transfer of their documents.

Obviously, fax innovation has made some amazing progress since the 1980s, at the time when organizations used fax machines. Actually, nowadays you don’t require a fax machine to have the option to send or get fax. Amazing, isn’t it?

Gone are the days when fax machines were the only way for sending and receiving faxes. It is the era of technology nowadays. The world has progressed so much that there is hardly anything in which the internet is not involved. The majority of the work can now be done over the internet. So is the case with a fax.

You can now send and receive faxes online using any device like mobile phones, computers, laptops, and even tablets. Online faxing can solve a lot of issues and can turn out to be really beneficial. In this article, you will get to know a lot about online faxing and the best service for it.

Online faxing

First, let us go through the main idea of online faxing. Online faxing is a method to send and receive faxes through the use of the internet. There is no extra hardware needed for this purpose. All you need is a good internet connection.

Mainly, the internet does not support sending and receiving faxes. That is why an online fax service provider is used for this purpose. The internet is flooded with fax services but not all of them are reliable and trustworthy. Therefore, we have the perfect fax service for you, that goes by the name CocoFax.


CocoFax – Online Faxing At Its Best

CocoFax is one of the leading fax services to transfer faxes over the internet. With its easy to use faxing features, CocoFax has become a popular name in the faxing market. Its convenience and ease have attracted a lot of people towards it.

If you want to know how online faxing works, GoogleFaxFree will tell you all about how to fax from a pc and all that stuff. You can visit the GoogleFaxFree site in order to have know-how about all the happenings in the faxing world. You can know about the best services and will also get to have guides about how to use them.         

fax from computer

CocoFax is trusted all over the world for its effective faxing features. It is also utilized worldwide by some of the big multinational organizations for their communication purposes. Online media channels, for example, BBC, TechCrunch, The New York Times and Forbes have some great comments about CocoFax.

GoogleFaxFree is the perfect spot if you want to use online faxing for your business, learn more from here and start faxing over the internet right away. If you want any kind of information regarding fax and online fax services, GoogleFaxFree has it all.

Utilizing CocoFax to send or get faxes from your PC is very easy and simple. You are allowed to use all the faxing features without any cost for 30 days, so you don’t need to focus on a buy directly off. This also allows you to check the services before spending the money on them. You can send fax a few hundred pages per month from that point for a reasonable amount of money.

5 Reasons to Use Online Faxing

If you are still not sure of the benefits provided by online faxing, here are the major reasons you should opt for online faxing in your business to enhance effectiveness.

Safety and security

Web-based faxing gives more noteworthy security in managing the data. In customary faxes, archives containing delicate data frequently hang out in the open on the fax machine for a truly significant time-frame, with the danger of being seen by some individual who is not supposed to see it.

In Online Faxing, delicate data is encoded during the transmission, and when it arrives at the beneficiary, it is just available from his own account. And using CocoFax adds more to this security solution as CocoFax is extremely secure to use.

Managing Documents

Online Fax makes the capacity and managing of data simple since it permits you to electronically sort your records straightforwardly from your account or email. This dispenses with the need to deal with piles of archives manually, which can be lost or harmed whenever; and there is no need to filter these faxes so as to store them electronically. CocoFax allows easy managing of faxes.

Comfort and Ease

Web-based faxing is essentially more advantageous than the customary one. All your received faxes are accessible promptly in your CocoFax account or email inbox.

Furthermore, a fax can be shipped off to numerous fax numbers at the same time (while conventional fax just permits just one at a time), making this innovation quicker and more helpful.


Keeping up equipment frameworks can be truly costly, bringing about expenses for hardware necessities like ink, paper among numerous others. Indeed, it is assessed that Online Faxing methods can spare your organization, in any event, a large sum every year (or more, contingent upon the utilization), which can have an effect particularly for more advanced organizations.

Notwithstanding continuous costs like ink, paper, and energy utilization, there are likewise expenses for upkeep, fix, nearby phone line usage, and even distance charges. Online fax, then again, is very cost-effective; you pay just for what you use, without bringing about in any pointless costs.

Moreover, if you choose to use CocoFax’s services, you will be able to send and receive faxes free of cost for one month using the 30-day free trial.

cocofax homepage

Environment Friendly

Conventional faxing methods burn-through more than 200 billion pages, adding to the devastation of forests and making irreversible harm to the climate. Exchanging just 5% of these fax machines to Online Faxing would spare around 10 billion pages of paper and more than 1 million trees every year.

Moreover, a decreasing paper by 5% will spare more than 360 million gallons of water and 215 million kilowatt long stretches of energy every year.


Now that you know the benefits of online faxing and its help for your business, you must start using it right away. You can use CocoFax for this purpose as it is the safest and most reliable of all other online fax services.


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