You Only Need a Keyboard and Mouse for These Online Games – A List


Online games that only require a keyboard and mouse as input devices are popular for many players because they can play on any computer with a web browser and internet connection. These games range from simple browser-based games to more complex massively multiplayer online games (MMOs).

This article explores these online games that require a keyboard and mouse. They include;

  • XCOM 2
  • Casino games
  • Civilization VI
  • Final Fantasy XIV


XCOM 2 is a strategy game in which players control forces of resistance clashing against a strong army of aliens that have invaded Earth. The game requires players to take large-scale and small-scale actions to outwit and defeat the enemy.

As a tactics game, using a keyboard and mouse can be beneficial for navigating the variety of actions available to each soldier, quickly moving characters, scrolling to view different parts of the game world, and efficiently navigating menus. A keyboard and mouse may be more efficient than a gamepad.

Casino Games

Players use a keyboard and mouse to play several casino games. These games offer a convenient and accessible way to enjoy the excitement of playing at a casino from the comfort of your own home. Some examples include:

  • Online Slots– Players can use a keyboard and mouse to play online slots at reputable sites like Betway. Using a mouse, you can choose the game they want to play, set a bet amount, and spin the reels.
  • Online Blackjack- As a player, you can use the mouse to select your bets and make decisions during a game of online blackjack, such as whether to hit or stand.
  • Online Roulette– Roulette is a classic casino game. Players can place bets on the virtual roulette table and spin the wheel to see if they win with the help of a mouse.
  • Online Baccarat– Baccarat is a card game. With only a mouse, you can pick your bets and make decisions during the game, such as whether to hit or stand.

Civilization VI

Civilization VI is a strategy game that allows players to control and manage the civilization’s entire resource base, spanning antiquity and the near future. While the game is available on the console, the PC version with a mouse may offer a better experience due to the menus’ dense text and the need to scan a large game world each turn.

The game also includes hotkeys for the assignability of tasks and automating actions, easily accessed with a keyboard. As a 4X game, Civilization VI is known for its complexity, making a keyboard and mouse essential for navigating the game’s many features.

Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV has gained a large following of new fans and is known for its immersive and epic storytelling as a pure massively multiplayer online game (MMO). While the game has a significant player base on PlayStation, many players find that using a keyboard offers advantages such as more accessible access to a broader range of abilities and quickly reading small text in chat and in-game menus. Additionally, playing on a monitor directly in front of you can make reading the text in the game easier.


Overall, many online games only require a keyboard and mouse, ranging from simple browser-based games to complex MMOs. These games are accessible to anyone with a computer and internet connection and offer a fun and engaging gaming experience for players of all skill levels.

If you’re looking for a convenient and accessible way to play online casino games, Betway is a great option to consider. With a wide variety of games and promotions available, there’s something for every type of gamer on the platform.

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