How to Play Online Casino Games for Free


Online Casino games are popular in many parts of the world. This is because of the cheap internet connectivity and easy-to-play options. This also enables a lot of different users from different countries and regions to come together and play. The Online Casino industry is already at $59 billion and is expected to grow in the coming years. However, A lot of people are still scared of playing these online games due to trust issues and huge deposit requirements. Thankfully, there are still certified and legit online gambling portals that let you play the game for free and without any prior deposits.

There are unlimited options one can choose and try their hands on different casino games for free. By default, a lot of the casino sites already offer free signup bonuses, as well as first deposit bonuses, and these bonus options can help you to kickstart your online casino journey easily.

This article will take you through different methods to join these deposit-free online casino portals and make some real cash without investing anything.

Play Demo/Practice Games

Almost all casino game sites and portals offer free demo games to practice before you actually dive into real gaming. Some Casino sites might allow you free access without any signup required while others might require a small signup process such as submitting your email address.

However, due to the fact that these are demo games and do not require any money to be invested, it is also important to note that any amount won in these games can not be withdrawn or cashed as it is a virtual and free currency. Though, if you are just starting your online casino journey then this is the best way to practice it before playing with real money.

To find demo games, just go to the casino site and look for the Demo/Practice option in the top menu bar or at the bottom menu.

Avail No Deposit Bonus

This is one of the best deals that you can find on any Casino website. 25 euro bonus ohne einzahlung casino offers to grant you easy access to the Casino portal without worrying about depositing huge amounts or adding your card details. However, to stop scamming such as one person creating multiple accounts under different names, a verification process is mandatory on many websites. This verification might require you to complete an offer or verify your Phone number, Email address, or simply a call verification.

It is also important and necessary to check and read all the terms and conditions that are mentioned regarding the no deposit bonuses offer. This way, you can easily avoid getting trapped in a scam and play safely.

Check Online Offers

There are many coupon and deals websites that have exclusive coupons or tie-ups with this casino website where they offer exclusive discounts or bonuses. Similarly, a lot of the Casino review websites also have similar deals with their respective casino partner where they will allow the review site visitors to play games for free or offer huge bonuses.

It is advised that you signup for the weekly or monthly newsletters of such review sites to keep receiving good offers.

Join Referral Program

Another great way to keep getting a few bucks for free is by referring your friends or colleagues to these casino websites and getting rewards in the form of cash or casino chips. This is an easy way to get some initial cash into your casino account before depositing your money. Just convince your friend to join the specific website by using your referral code and get a bonus for your friend as well as you. However, some websites do require your friends to make a small deposit or complete some offer before actually distributing the reward to you and to the person you referred.

It is good that many websites also have a dedicated Refer-A-friend page where they mention the details such as minimum requirements, Minimum deposits, Referer bonus, and conditions, etc. Just go through the terms and meet the minimum conditions before becoming eligible for the program.

You can use Social networking websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Forums, or even Quora to attract other people and get them onto the Casino portal using your link.

Join Forums

Casino forums are a great way to learn as well as get yourself into the real casino world and meet other like-minded people who share tips and tricks to get profit from playing the casino games. These players also share secret tricks to get hidden bonuses and signup rewards that are otherwise not noticeable. Try joining few online forums that you prefer and see if they can help you in some ways.


There are many ways to join and enjoy casino games for free. You have to keep looking for offers and bonuses that these casino portals offer. Join their social media handles and email newsletters to receive exclusive deals and discounts that could help you to save few bucks and start enjoying the casino games instantly. The methods that we have mentioned above and tested by various casino players and these could help you to kickstart your online casino carrer for free.

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