Why Is It Important To Rank High In Google?- The Benefits


Why is it important to rank high in Google? The internet has millions of websites and articles. These websites get different amounts of traffic at any given time.

Google’s algorithm arranges articles on the search engine based on many factors. Some sites rank higher than others. Other sites don’t even appear on the first page of the search.

Web content makers strive to rank on the search engine as high as they can. They employ many techniques like search engine optimization to boost their overall rankings.

But why does getting on the first-page matter? And,

Why Is It Important To Rank High In Google?

Ranking high in Google has many advantages. The most important reason for ranking high is getting more views for your website. 

Did you know that the first 10 results receive over 89% of clicks? Ranking high on Google, therefore, almost guarantees your site a viewership monopoly. Having many views for your site makes generating the content worthwhile.

Other Benefits of Ranking High on Google

Aside from getting a monopoly of clicks, there are many other benefits of getting a high rank. These include:

  • Better business reputation

People tend to trust sites that rank higher on Google. Visitors see these sites as credible and reliable. Getting trust is important, especially when so many suspicious and shady sites exist.

Your business’s reputation suffers, especially if people have to scroll through several pages to find you.

Companies that people trust generate more sales because of trust. It is no coincidence that these companies rank high on Google’s search list (Amazon and eBay).

  • Increased Ad revenue PPCs

Sites that rank high in Google get more revenue from advertisers. The top search result websites can generate hundreds of thousands of visits daily. Such a broad visitor base is enticing to prospective advertisers.

You can sell your ad slots at a higher rate because of your site’s traffic. You can earn more money through Pay-Per-Click advertising. You will likely generate more revenue through PPC if you get thousands of viewers daily.

  • More Sales for eCommerce platforms

Ranking high on Google has a massive psychological effect on buyers. They gravitate towards the first few results before making their decision. It is therefore important for businesses to get high ranks, as it increases sales.

Many buyers aren’t willing to look through several search pages. Statistics show that buyers have a bias towards top results.

Successful retailers optimize their content to capture these buyers. Your sales increase as your rank improves. Take for instance Approved by Fritz, an eCommerce platform that benefits greatly from having a high rank in Google.

  • Increased Affiliate Marketing revenues

One of the main ways that bloggers make money is through affiliate marketing. When a blog becomes widely read or successful, it might make money by selling products online.

A blogger and a vendor agree that the blogger will receive a cut of the product’s sales. They then use their blogs to link to the merchandise. When customers use the blog links to make purchases, they get compensated.

You get more revenue as your viewership increases. More people are likely to buy a certain product through your affiliate links.

  • Improved Avenues for Collaboration

Collaborations happen when a brand partners with a blog. The brand gives the blogger products to review on their blog. The brand receives exposure and marketing from the blogger’s site.

These agreements only work where the blog generates a large enough viewership. Ranking high on Google indicates that the blog might be good for future collaborations.

The blog’s demographic matters too. The blog’s target audience should be the brand’s audience as well.

Ways to Improve your search rank

How can you do it now that we know the importance of getting good ranks? There are several approaches. They include:

  • Search Engine Optimization

SEO increases your blog’s traffic and positions it higher in search results. To attract readers, you should learn to employ and incorporate specific keywords and well-known search terms.

Your writing needs to be interesting and insightful. The reader should have something to anticipate from it. You may optimize your content using a variety of SEO tools.

Search Engine Optimization relies on keywords, article structuring, and content. It is the most effective way to improve your rank and site visits.

  • Buying backlinks

Buying backlinks improve your website rankings. What is a backlink? A backlink is a link for your website posted on another website. The backlink host site typically has the same niche or content as your site.

Selecting the backlink host is important. You should select a website that gets lots of traffic. High-traffic sites generate more visits to your site.

Avoid vice links. You would get these backlinks from controversial sites like gambling or adult content websites. These links tarnish your business image.

  • Guest posts on reliable and popular websites

Guest blogging helps improve your ranking. A guest post is an article you write on a popular website with a niche similar to yours.

People who make guest posts link the material back to their websites. The host website gets content, while your website gets traffic. It is a win-win situation for both parties.

Guest posts improve your image and scalability. It gets your site more views and domain authority. Guest posts also solidify your relationship with more successful brands.


Why is it important to rank high in Google? Ranking high in Google has several advantages. If your content manages to get on the first page, you get over 89% of the total web viewership. It has consequences, particularly for businesses and advertisers. It is, therefore, important to optimize your content.

High ranks appeal to prospective advertisers and improve your business image and trust. There are several techniques for improving the image. Search Engine Optimization and Keyword placement help businesses and creators improve their overall rankings on the sites.

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