How to Host a Watch Party on Twitch


Twitch has finally rolled out its Watch Parties feature that the company has been testing for more than a year now. Now everyone on the platform can host and join Watch Parties. Using this new feature you can host Movies, TV Shows, and Music Videos and let your Fans stream it along with you. You can interact with your fans, Chat, Sharing ideas and also generate some extra income through Twitch Donation options by using this Watch Party Feature.
The Concept of watch parties is not new and Platforms like Facebook have already rolled out this feature to all of its audience worldwide. Twitch, an Amazon Owned company has tied up with Amazon Prime Videos to provide you with this feature.
If you have an Amazon Prime or Amazon Prime Video account, you can connect that account to your Twitch and Stream Movies/TV shows directly onto your Twitch Stream and watch it alongside your fans. You can stream from thousands of Movies, TV Shows, and Documentaries that are available on Amazon Prime Videos.
With this new feature, The company hopes to provide a new Revenue and Content option for its streamers. Also, it will help Amazon to leverage the power of both its platforms just like what Facebook did by combining Messenger to Instagram chat.
Note: The Feature is currently available only for the Desktop Viewers and the company is still working on a mobile version.

How to Host a Watch Party on Twitch

Finally, The question is how to host a watch party on Twitch using your account. The Process is simple and with just few settings and steps anyone with an active Amazon Prime or Amazon Prime videos subscription can Host the Watch Party on Twitch.

Step 1: Add Watch Party feature to your Stream Manager

First, We have to add the newly introduced Watch Parties Quick Action option to your Stream Manager, For that follow these Steps.

  1. Go to and Log in with your Credentials (If Required).
  2. Click on the Profile icon from the Top Horizontal Menu, select “Creator Dashboard” from the options. add watch party to Twitch
  3. Now from the Left sidebar menu, Select “Stream Manager” and click on the “+” Sign where it says “Quick Actions“.add watch parties quick action to stream manager
  4. Finally, on the newly opened popup window, Look for the option which says “Start Watch Party” and click on the “add” button to Add this feature to your Stream Manager. start watch party twitch

Step 2: Connect and Autorize your Amazon Prime account with Twitch

In this step, You have to connect your Amazon Prime account with your Twitch Account in order to grant video access permission from your Prime Account. This is a one time process and follow these steps to quickly connect your Amazon Prime account to Twitch.

  1. Click on the newly added “Start Watch Party” option in the Quick Actions pane.
  2. Click on the “Log in or Sign up” button which you will see on the popup window that has just opened. connect amazon prime to twitch
  3. Now Enter your Amazon Prime account credentials to Connect your Accounts.

Step 3: Choose your Watch Party Content

Now that we have connected our Amazon Prime account to Twitch and are ready to Host the Watch Party along with the fans, it is time to decide how to browse the content from Amazon Prime.
You will get a list of content that is available for you to Stream from Amazon Prime. You can also use the Watch Party’s Catelog to search and Stream your Favorite Movie or TV show.
The Viewers outside your region can only watch the stream if the Title is available in their country. Look for titles that are lablled as “Broadly Available” as it increases your chances of choosing a content that is widely available in all the regions where Amazon Prime operates.

Step 4: Setup Webcam, Video, and Audio

Finally, It is time to setup your Webcam, Audio and video devices. Unlike the Game streams, for movie Streaming your Webcam window won’t appear in the Stream instead it will be put above your chat option. Here is how to Succesfully Host a Watch Party without interruptions.

  1. Start the streaming app of your Choice.
  2. Enable Webcam and Mic for Audio and Video.
  3. Disable your streaming app from capturing any audio or Video as Twitch will automatically serve audio from Amazon Prime.
  4. Resize your webcam canvas to fit the screen.

Finally, Click on the “Start Watch Party” Button to start your watch party. Twitch will automatically stream Prime Video content to the Video Player of your Channel.
If you are a viewer and wondering how you can join a watch party on Twitch then don’t worry. Follow this guide to know the exact steps to join a watch party on Twitch.

How to Join a Watch Party on Twitch

If you are only looking for a way to join watch party then it is really easy and simply. Before proceeding please note that you will need an active Amazon Prime Video account in order to join a Watch Party. Follow these steps to join a watch party.

  1. Go to Twitch and Log in with your Credentials.
  2. You will find an active watch party in the Following, Browse and Watch Party Category on Twitch.
  3. If you are joining the Watch Party for the first time then you will have to Sign in with your Amazon Prime Account.

That’s it, Now you can enjoy the watch party alongside your Friends and Favorite Content Creator.

Final Words!

Twitch is a growing Game streaming platform but with this Watch Party option the Company has opened a new way that Streamers and Viewers from all over the World can now host and enjoy their favorite movies with the Audience of their choice. If you are receiving errors such as Twitch Error 2000 Then we have also written a detailed guide on how you can solve this and other Twitch Errors easily.
Please let us know if you have any issues or need any help regarding the newly introduced Watch Parties feature on Twitch.

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